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Logo for Technology for the People

Technology for the People

Protecting Our Republic from Internal and External Threats


We are starting a cybersecurity podcast (Technology for the People) and seeking a logo that is something people want on clothing (t-shirts, hoodies, hats, etc.) without even knowing we have a podcast. Of course, it will also be on all podcast platforms and social media platforms too. In the 20-minute podcast, we talk about protecting the United States from those conducting cyberwarfare against us. However, we also talk about the overreach of our government against its citizenry and how we need to protect ourselves. We favor two looks (1) Roman helmet like in the Gladiator Movie and (2) an angry American Bald Eagle. We tend to favor the 2nd however. The Gladiator matches the very popular “Punisher” them that so many people wear. The American Bald Eagle symbolizes strength, justice, and freedom for Americans. Our primary audience is folks in government, military, and true patriots so they will easily “get it”. We like this logo SYFER | Logo Design by simc on Dribbble because it appears mean, badass, and futuristic with the metallic look. Playing off this approach, we like the idea of an American Bald Eagle. We liked this type of approach too but not as much: Metallic Eagle Logo by Rajkumar on Dribbble Logo images will be needed with & without the text “Technology for the People”.

Technology Transfer



Abstract Mark

Abstract Mark

High Tech

not sure

Whatever would like great on clothing to really catch an eye. Think "The Punisher" or Marvels character


  • Sep 29, 2023 03:27 PM
    avatar disrutpiveOps
    Project Holder
    Hello Jason, We really like the gradient coloring on your logo entry #50. Is it possible you can put your own spin on your entry #50 with entry #49. We really like the dark look of both of these eagles but if you can play with the beak at little more that would be great! Thank you!

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  • Sep 29, 2023 03:24 PM
    avatar disrutpiveOps
    Project Holder
    Hello Luka Legend, we really like this logo you created. Is it possible to create another entry just like this but change the eye color to red. We also love the gradient look (ex. #50); can you submit the same eagle logo but have the colors gradient. Can we also see this same eagle logo in all blue (different color blues like the top of the head) Thanks so much.

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