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Different Infographics for Different Datasets, Needs, Stories

With an infographic creator, you can create magnificent visual infographics online and supercharge your presence among competitors, users, customers… in short, your audience. Magnify your brand’s credibility and reach, when you demonstrate your data with a creative infographic designs.

Process Infographics

for example explain the process of writing, management, installing software, etc.


How-to infographics

for example demonstrate how to play a guitar, cook, network, file for LLC, etc.

Timeline infographics

for example estimate timeline of product development, evolution, trends, etc.

Informational infographics

for example information about data privacy, software, statistics, etc.

Map infographics

chart routes from point A to point B, from city to county, country to continents, etc.

Comparison infographics

weigh the pros and cons, compare careers, product vs product review, etc.

Digital marketing infographics

measure effective social media strategies, analytics, conversions, etc.

Medical infographics

explain and simplify terms, medical process, prescriptions, experiments, etc.

Is an AI Infographic Generator Better than a Graphic Designer?

With a graphic designer you’ll have to collaborate and work with them, which may take weeks to receive the end product. That’s not so with our free infographic generator. With LogoDesign’s infographic generator powered by AI you enjoy the best of both worlds. With our infographic maker you will be able to rejuvenate your creative juices with tons of infographic ideas, explore stunning designs, and captivate your audience. Since all of our infographic templates are designed by professional graphic designers you can be assured of the quality. More reasons why you should opt for a free infographic software.



No more waiting, no more back and forth shuffle, simple and fast infographic delivery, right onto your desktop. You can pick and download immediately, or edit and download in PNG and JPEG, literally in minutes.


Premium Quality

Crisp designs crafted by expert graphic designers for professionals like you. With an infographic maker software, you can enjoy premium quality infographic designs, curated content, and beautiful visual data.



Convenient infographic designing opportunities for everyone, whether for a school project, or to visualize a process for your team. Make data beautiful with a free infographic generator.

Experience beautiful data visualization with a free infographic creator.

Frequently Asked Questions

An infographic (information + graphic) is visual form of complex data designed for easy understanding. Infographics are usually used by professionals in industries that often have complicated data, uses jargons, and terminologies that a lay person can’t understand. That’s where the expertise of an infographic designer comes in. They first understand the requirements, linkage, and intended audience. Then they create understandable and beautiful visual stories with their designs.
A free infographic maker available online are software designed to host tons of infographic templates. These templates are customizable using an editor studio. To use a free infographic creator, you just have to follow these steps.

Step 1 Select an infographic template that you like and feel that it resonates with your audience. It is recommended to choose an infographic that is not too busy, adjustable to your content, and can communicate your idea.

Step 2 Navigate to the design studio for editing. Here you can edit almost all parts of the infographic including the text, colors, fonts, icons, graphics, and add your logo to brand your infographic.

Step 3 For download, you just click on the download button. The infographic generator tool usually takes a couple of minutes to render the edits before it downloads the crisp and quality infographic design for you in JPG and PNG formats. If you need an infographic PDF, just contact our support; they’ll be sure to help.
Most of our infographics include researched data and are ready for download. However, if you are keen on making a unique infographic with your own research then here are some data that we recommend to include in your infographic design.
  • Facts
  • Statistics
  • Fun facts
  • Explanations
  • Definitions
  • Dates

Of course, you can add more wherever and however you see fit. Moreover, always cross check information and spellcheck before adding to your infographic design.

Yes, you definitely can. Since most infographic maker have their branding included, it is recommended that you add your company logo in the infographic design. You can do so by first uploading your logo, and then replace the “your company name” box at the bottom of the design template.
Every infographic is unique to the creator and the audience. Defining what makes an infographic outstanding is a personal opinion. However, there are certain common elements that makes an infographic an effective visual story.
  • Contains in-depth and valuable research content
  • Concise in presenting lengthy and complex content
  • Make data meaningful and useful for the audience
  • Use of stunning graphics, fonts and colors
  • Share worthy and available in printable formats
At the moment, we do not have infographic templates in Google docs or MS Word but you can always request for a custom design from our professional infographic designers. Just connect with our support team, and they’ll guide you through.