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Unique Insurance Logo Designs for Your Company

Insurance is all about trust and credibility, and you’ve got to show these in the first interaction of your company with your customer – meaning when they see your insurance logo. Give your insurance company logo a new look with a professional insurance logo design by using our powerful logo maker. Choose from shield logos, umbrella, lion, house, torch, hand logos, buildings, lock and lighthouse logos from the free logo creator tool. Whichever niche you focus on, we’ve got an insurance company logo that fits seamlessly with your brand identity. Simply use our insurance logo generator to get free logo design templates to personalize and customize-fonts, colors, shapes, effects, and so much more! Download your insurance logo files from our logo generator in minutes! Try it now!

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Personalize your design template with colors, fonts, or layouts to make a one-of-a-kind insurance logo. Use our logo creator to play with icons and graphics to make an insurance company logo that looks as professional as your business and builds trust with your audience.



Your stunning insurance logo is ready! To share it with the world, you have to first download your design from the My Design section. You can easily download your logo image in different formats such as PDF, JPEG, and PNG files for easy access and branding.


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Professional Insurance Logo Elements

Logo Symbol


Look for the insurance symbols that shed light on your expertise and authority in the insurance industry. You might want to go with different symbols depending on the type of insurance you are selling–health, education, travel, or car insurance logo. Use symbols ranging from traditional icons like hands, shield symbols, red cross, umbrellas, cars, security icons, etc. Or if you are going with an abstract insurance logo, then choose a more modern design or negative space.

Color Palette


The idea is to go with palettes that are relevant to your industry. For your insurance logo, choose lively hues that emit feelings of confidence, protection, and growth. Some common colors used in the are blue to show maturity and trust, green which is associated with abundance and prosperity. Red and yellow give your insurance logo that spark and command attention. Think how you want your clients to feel about your insurance firm, then choose colors based on that.

Font Choice


Your company name is the first thing the customers notice when they see your logo, and guess what gives your company name its unique personality–it's the fonts you choose! To give you an idea, some popular fonts for insurance logos are Open Sans, Helvetica, Lato, and Montserrat. A big chunk of insurance companies stick to either Serif fonts if they have been around for a while and to show stability and authority, or Sans-serif which gives a modern or edgy look to your business.

Design Layout


Your insurance agency logo should look consistent on all print or digital branding. To make that happen, design a minimal insurance logo that is clutter-free. Most common insurance agency logo styles include symbols replacing text, symbols on top of the text, wordmark logos, or combination logos as these layouts are straightforward and don’t overcomplicate your design. Go for a clean insurance logo design that is easy to scale and readable.

Design Layout

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Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance Logos

What images are most popular for insurance logo designs?

The pool of awesome insurance logos is vast at Businesses prefer to use icons ranging from traditional insurance symbols like hands around a house image, shield symbols, umbrella icons or tree logo, to the more modern styles such as abstract security icons, negative space images, lettermark logos and others.

Depending on the kind of insurance area you deal with – health insurance, car, education, or travel etc. – you can choose a logo with an umbrella icon, swooshes with padlock, a flaming torch image, red cross images, lighthouse logos, and tree logo with green leaves, among others.

The idea is to use imagery that is relevant to the insurance industry. So images that talk about security, growth, protection, and safety are recommended.

Is 'blue' the best color for an insurance company logo?

Blue is definitely a popular color for a great number of industries, including insurance. Since it's universally liked, and has calming and assuring qualities, businesses that want to send a vibe of trustworthiness, professionalism, and security should go for blue in their business logos.

Some other colors that you can use in your insurance logo design for great effect are green, muted orange, mustard, beige, and brown. The neutral trio of colors, black, white, and grey, are of course globally associated with professionalism and can be used as secondary colors in your insurance business logo.

Can I find insurance logo vectors in your logo design gallery?

Of course, you can. All the insurance logo templates in our gallery come with high resolution vector files that you can download once you finalize a design.

To get a design, you'll have to first choose the insurance logo image you like the most from the list. By clicking on your chosen template(s), you can go to the customization page where you can change and modify the parts of the design that you want to fit your business’s unique characteristics.

Once you are happy with the design, click on "Download", and that's it. After paying a small designer fee, you can get the high-quality, original insurance logo vector file for quick and easy use.

What features help create the best insurance agency logo design?

To create the best insurance agency logo that aligns with your company’s image, pay attention to these three factors:


Choose an insurance icon that is relevant to your business. For example, a red-cross symbol for health insurance, tree for life insurance, a home for real estate insurance. You get the idea. This way, the logo becomes instantly decipherable by your target audience, and easy to recall too.


Choose a font style according to your business character. Serifs for traditional insurance set-ups, Sans-serifs for modern insurance logos. Convey the spirit of your business through your type style.


Choose industry relevant colors for your insurance company logo template. Blue, green, red, and light orange are usually the preferred options mixed in with whites, blacks, and beiges for a balanced look.

What type of insurance company logos can I create with a logo maker?

Our insurance logo gallery is extensive. You can find logos for health insurance companies, car insurance or property insurance. We also have private investigator logos, home insurance and home inspection logos.

Basically any business and niche industry that deals with various forms of insurance, can definitely find their preferred brand image and create your own logo.

To ensure that our insurance logo templates are varied enough to suit different needs of different businesses, our insurance logo designs come in all forms of styles. For example, abstract insurance logos, minimal insurance logos, 3D insurance logos, and even geometric insurance logos etc.

To look for the most updated variety, try searching the logos with your industry category.