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With memorable travel agency logos from our free travel logo maker, your travel company, ticket booking, hospitality, or tour guide service will move with your customers. We offer free travel logo design templates specially created for vacation makers, tour organizers, theme parks, adventure or city tour operators, budget hotels, motels, hostels, ferries, cruise, holiday homes, and bed and breakfast logos etc. Use our online travel logo creator to browse through our database full of free travel and hotel logo designs such as hunting logos, yacht, air balloon, airplane, and boat logos to select one for your travel agency logo or travel business logo. What's more, you can even customize colors, font, tagline and company name in our free travel logo generator to make a unique travel agency logo. Download instantly!

Frequently Asked Questions About Travel & Hotel Logos

How do I create my own travel logo design using a logo software?

It’s pretty easy and fun to do. The first step in creating a travel logo design is to choose the travel logo image that you think best represents your travel agency’s character and style. Click on Travel and Hotel industry from the Browse button at the top of the navigation bar or use our Search bar to look for such images. Some suggestions for this include symbols of planes, palm tree, or ship symbols.

Next, take your time to explore and see which of the available travel logo templates are closest to your travel logo idea. Shortlist a few designs and head to our customization studio to make changes in the template.

Clicking on different parts of the travel logo, you can see the design modification options including shine, gloss, flip, font, colors and more.

Now, keep making the changes till you’re happy with the final product, and voila, you’re done! Download for use in minutes!

Can I use an alphabet letter for my travel agency logo?

Sure. Several travel agencies and tour operators choose to use alphabet or text logos for their travel agency logo designs. Examples include ‘The Vagabond International’, ‘Insight Vacations’, and ‘Globus’ etc.

To make an text or alphabet lettermark logo really shine for your travel agency brand image, you’ll first have to choose a name that has an instant connection to the travel industry and then pick font details that best represent your unique style. Your alphabet travel agency logo template can also merge with other logo design elements – such as, abstract shapes, letters embedded into shapes, or shapes made out of letters.

Having said that, it’s best to combine the best of both worlds, symbols and text, to make your travel agency logo design instantly recognizable for people looking for travel and tour opportunities.

Is it necessary to use buildings in hotel logo images?

Yes and no. See, the first rule of logo design is to ensure that people looking for a certain business can simply look at the sign and immediately recognize you as a relevant service provider. To that end, a hotel logo design containing images that are instantly relevant to the industry – building symbols, concierge, and abstract house icons, etc. – take care of the business right away.

In addition to these popular images, you can also use a bed and breakfast symbols, cruise, boat images or even hunting logos as part of your main hotel brand identity. Acronyms of your hotel brand name or wordmarks using the full name of your hotel are also great choices for hotel logo designs.

Are your travel logo design samples free for download?

Absolutely. The travel logo design samples on our free logo maker have been created by professional designers. This means when you wish to download their design, a portion of what you pay goes to their design fee.

But don’t worry. You can still get a standard logo design for free when you click to download.

Moreover, compared to other logo design options – stock photo sites, design contests, and professional designers, etc. – our travel logo templates of high quality and relatively budget friendly.

You won’t be charged anything to browse and edit our logos. No matter if you're here to see what travel logo ideas are available or to stir your travel logo design inspiration, you can take your time here with no payment obligations.

You’ll only pay for the one design that you want to download and use as your travel business logo.

Which colors do you suggest for a hotel logo design?

Depending on your specific hotel and lodging business, the color choices would be quite varied for your hotel logo design.

For example, if you are running a bed and breakfast, you can use simple pastel colors or sunny colors to convey an inviting and laid back feel.

For logo design for a hotel that caters to a more exclusive clientele, you want to stick with neutral colors such as brown, white, black, and grey.

For a farmhouse logo or a hunting lodge brand image, on the other hand, your color choices should be more earthy and nature-based: green, white, yellow, orange, and brown. The psychology behind specific uses of colors for specific industries is very subtle and particular, so make sure your hotel logo design concepts don’t stray too far from the industry-trends.