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Unbeatable design, premium quality stock, fancy finishes. More reasons to create a visiting card today:

  • Free Design for your Business Card
  • Starts as low as $39.00
  • Tons of business card designs
  • Customizable templates
  • Add a readymade logo
  • Print your design easily
  • Absolutely free to design!
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Premium Quality Business Card Printing

Compare cards per stack and select the quality you want for your business card printing.


Standard Quality

14pt paper stock quality

4 paper finishing

Best for bulk users

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Premium Stock

16pt paper stock

6 paper finishing

Best for business use

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Premium Plus

High quality stock

Fancy finishing

Best for special use

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Business Card Designs with Fancy Stocks and Finishes

Pick from any combination of fancy finishes and paper stock options for your business card printing.

Why Use a Business Card Design Maker?


Fast Turnaround

We make sure your visiting card is delivered right on time every time, at your doorstep.


Premium Quality

We check all cards to make sure you get high quality printed business cards every time.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have 20+ years of experience in making customers happy, satisfaction guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about how to use our free business card maker to create a design? We are here to help you get started to make a business card that will impress on your audience. Here are some frequently asked questions to give you direction.

A business card maker is an online business card design software that features card templates for users to select and edit.
The best thing about a business card maker is that you design your own visiting card without the middle person – graphic designer. Since all the designs featured in a business card maker are professionally designed, they are perfect for use as personal, business or even nonprofit organization visiting cards.’s free business card maker tool works in the same way featuring tons of templates ranging from business card designs for event management, IT company, gardening or lawn care professionals, real estate agents, and more.
You can check out our free business card maker today.
Designing a visiting card with a business card maker is super-easy.
Start by selecting the number of cards, finish and paper stock quality you want for your business card printing. Then select a favorite template design from the business card maker gallery, and move to the studio where you can customize your visiting card design.
Our customizable business card designs allow you to change fonts, edit names, contact information and even add your own logo by uploading it from your computer. And if you don’t have one, try our logo maker to get a free logo.
Designing your own business card this way is easy and requires only a few minutes of your time, and you can even do it in the comfort of your own home.
When you buy business card designs from us, you can download the design on its own or bundled with printing services.
Our printed business card designs cost as low as $35. Depending on the type of finishes, paper stock and number of cards printed you will be charged accordingly.
Don’t worry though, our business card design and printing packages are affordable and pocket friendly. Check it out now.

A professional business card design is one that helps you make an impression and become memorable for your audience. The purpose is to ensure that your business card doesn’t end up in the trash bin. Here are some elements that go into making a business card design look professional:

  1. Professional layout design
  2. Clean and legible fonts
  3. Thick paper stock and finish
  4. Quality printing

But above all, a professional business card design has all the relevant information that will help your audience easily reach out to you, including:

  • Name and title
  • Organization
  • Phone numbers
  • Email address
  • Website
  • QR code
  • Social media

When you select a business card design, make sure it has all these qualities.

Selecting the business card size for your company depends on the purpose, design, style and paper stock. Standard business card sizes are measured as follows:

Business card size in inches: 3.5 inches x 2 inches
Business card size in cm/mm: 85 mm x 55 mm
Business card size in pixels: 1050 px x 600 px

The size also depends on the square or rounded corner card designs, and the bleed area that you reserve for cutting your design out during printing. The bleed area with white outlines tend to increase the dimension of your business card design. For detailed business card size and dimensions check this page out.
Yes, you can definitely create two-sided business card designs using our business card maker studio. With each of our business card template design you will get both side options. You may opt for one side only or two sides, it’s up to you. The cost for printing both sides however, will be different.
And if you don’t like any of the designs, you can contact our customer support to tweak or create a new business card design at a nominal rate.
The thickness of your business card depend on the paper quality stock you select for your design.
This is usually measured in point or pt. In our business card maker you can select the paper thickness of your card by selecting the following options:
Standard: 14pt paper stock
Premium: 16pt paper stock
Premium Plus: 18pt paper stock
We recommend selecting the thickness of your business card based on your budget and purpose of use. For example, a standard stock with 14pt paper would be a good bet for mass printing, aimed at distribution at a conference or sales point.
On the other hand an 18pt paper stock would be good for personal branding such as a CEO or a consultant who wants to make a good impression on their clients.
The best part about getting your business card design from is that it caters to all types of businesses – startups, small or medium enterprise. This is why we make business card printing affordable and hassle free.
With every business card design, you have the option of downloading the design in vector format or get it printed directly. The cost of printing business cards depend on the number of cards you want to get printed, finishing and paper stock. Our lowest printing price starts at $35.