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Storage Logo Design Collection

Starting a moving, packing, storage, or shipping company and looking for a brand identity? Our storage logo creator offers you plenty of options of free storage logos to choose from. We have creative and illustrative icon design for your business ranging from cargo box to lock logos, garage, lockers, warehouse logos, and more. All you have to do is pick one from our online storage logo maker, and customize the symbol to your taste like font, colors, shape and text, to get an outstanding free logo design for your storage company. Literally our free online logo creator takes only minutes to download your storage logo design! Start now!

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Start with logo Template

If you are looking to revamp your brand identity or need a new logo for your storage company, we have it right here at! Our storage logo maker has a variety of packaging or shipping brand symbols that you can choose for your warehouse. All you have to do is enter your company name and voila–pick your template!


Customize in Minutes

Download your storage logo as it is or make it your own by using the editing tools available in our storage logo maker. You can add colors or fonts related to your industry, or replace the symbols. It only takes a few minutes to design your storage logo with our tool–that’s quicker than any graphic designer you can hire.


Access Your Storage Logo

If you like your design, you can get your files from our storage logo generator. To access, simply log into your account and select the format to download your logo. If you are branding on digital platforms then choose PNG or JPEG format, or if you want to use your logo on posters or billboards, then PDF is a better option.


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Important Storage Logo Elements

Logo Symbol

Symbols Related Storage

Look for symbols that match your services to tell people the type of business you are in. For instance, a storage company will use symbols like cargo boxes, shipping box icons, lockers, garages, warehouses, etc. CubeSmart is a popular storage company that uses a cubical icon to symbolize a storage box in their brand symbol. But if you want to win over your competition you can add abstract symbols. If none of these sound good, ditch the symbols and just go with a text-based storage logo design.

Color Palette

Choose Reliable Colors

As a storage company, you need to assure people that their belongings will be securely stored. You can take help from color swatches to see which colors look good together. To build that trust you need to do some research before picking up your color palettes. You can never go wrong with blue in your logo as it speaks of confidence and reliability. Other popular colors for the storage company logo designs are green, orange or yellow. You can also use red since red is associated with urgency and catches the eye instantly.

Font Choice

Check Font Readability

Your logo fonts should be readable no matter what business you are in. Particularly in the case of storage companies, you need to check the readability of the typefaces. If your company has been in the business for a long time, you can use Serif fonts like Arno Pro to show your authority. But if you are a new player in the storage market maybe cutting-edge Sans-Serif fonts such as Clear Sans, Futura, or HK Nova will work for your brand. When creating your wordmark, stick to one font only as using too many fonts might confuse people.

Design Layout

Create a Structured Layout

Storage companies need to show their organized workflow, that’s why your logo design must be well-structured. Most storage companies create a simple wordmark with only their company name on the display. Extra Space Storage and U-Haul’s brand symbol are a few examples you can consider. Other popular storage logo layouts are symbolic logo design of a storage box on top of the text and combination logo. You want your storage logo to look good on your warehouse’s website, signboards, or as a sticker on boxes.

Design Layout

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Frequently Asked Questions about Storage Logos

How do I get high-resolution free storage logos?

For a free storage logo design, your best bet is to use an online logo maker tool where you can see a gallery of storage logo templates for cold storage, moving storage and cloud storage logos. Pick a design you like from the list and start customization to create a free high-resolution storage logo design.

Whether you have a clear idea of what kind of storage logo you want for your business or you're hazy on the details, the logo maker gallery can become a source of inspiration for you.

Our depository of storage logo designs carry high-resolution logo templates in a number of file formats that can instantly be printed on business cards, t-shirts, letterheads, and other media.

Where can I find storage icons for my website?

Our storage logo gallery offers you a ton of storage icon variety that you can use as your storage website logo and other company media. Box icons are the most popular storage logo images. You can also use container symbols, moving van logos, warehouse images and other similar icons in your storage logo templates.

In addition to these classic icons, modern logo design features like 3D, abstract, and minimal logos etc. are also used in storage logo design ideas.

Cloud icons are also gaining popularity for cloud storage tech companies. Box logos with wheels, storage house with keys, and cart logos are some other popular icons you can use for your storage logo design.

How can I design a storage logo online, for free?

Online storage logo designs are crafted by professional graphic designers. Most of the design work is already taken care of. What you can do to make your storage logo uniquely yours is add custom design details and brand touches that make the logo template more specific.

These branding touches can be achieved through options for custom storage logo designs. Our customization features include changes in colors, shapes, effects, fonts, alignment, and many more. The logo design studio page is easy to navigate and you can truly create stunning storage logo designs even if you aren't a designer yourself.

Does your logo maker offer self-storage logo samples?

Absolutely. We have a variety of storage building logo design, warehouse logos, and storage container logo templates, which are popular with clients looking for self-storage logo ideas.

These corporate logo designs come in a variety of symbols, colors, and shapes ideal for both small and large storage business identity designs. The endless scrolling helps you view the logo templates with complete ease. For more specific self-storage logo samples you can use our keyword search option with phrases most relevant to the logo design in your mind. For example, red box,abstract storage box with arrow, storage with keyhole or warehouse lock logo, etc.

With these specific phrases you will get storage logo samples closest to what you are looking for.

What are the essentials for a storage company logo design?

Three main features make up a perfect storage services logo design:

  • Storage symbol icon
  • Industry standard colors
  • Relevant font styles

For an appropriate storage symbol, look for something that captures the nature of your business perfectly. For small scale storage services, pick logo icons such as boxes, carts, vans, containers etc. For self-storage services, look for warehouse, shutter, lockers as well as safe deposit vaults logos are most specific and appropriate.

Industry standard logo colors for storage logo designs are blue, grey, brown, red, and green. You can also use yellow, peach, and orange for a modern storage logo.

For fonts, we recommend styles that are from the Serif family so you can choose the type that shows professionalism, security, dependability, and strength.