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Community logos need to portray a collaborative, warm, and friendly image to the viewer. Logo Design takes special care in providing you with creative free community logo design templates that embody the spirit and values of a community venture. From our free community logo maker, you can make a logo for your community foundation or charity logo in minutes. Whether you are looking for a fundraiser logo for your charity drive, an educational, recreational center, family foundation logos or any other related endeavor, we have tons of options to suit your needs and taste in our logo generator. Choose symbols to create people logos, childcare, wildlife or world logos. Get beautiful fundraiser logos in a fast and easy way–just enter your details, customize the design to your liking and download for free! It is as simple as that!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Community & Foundation Logos

Where can I get community logo designs for free?

You may not be able to get any community logo design worth using that are completely free. However, there are options that are easy on the budget:

  • Logo Design Contest
  • Stock Image
  • Online Logo Maker

Though all three are within regular budget range for most entrepreneurs, the community logo maker option is the most affordable of all. An online logo maker, like, hosts a wide range of community logo templates that are varied enough to take care of your design needs


You can create a community center logo, community service, community church logo, or even for any other business or foundation you can think of. Our budget friendly services are more than equipped to handle all your community logo design needs.

What popular charity logo images I can use for my NGO?

The best charity logo images evoke a sense of togetherness, community, and humanitarian spirit. To capture these warm and collaborative feelings in a charity center logo, we have tons of images, symbols, and icons that you can use for your charity logo design concept.

Some symbols include hands protecting a house logo, community symbol showing a handshake, helping hands, birds or dove icons, people in rotation or circle logos, and hundreds of other designs that are similar in their effect of inducing the feelings of warmth and support in a charity logo design.

If you want, you can also use text based or alphabet letter logos for your charity organization symbol. These logos make your charity name into a logo design for added impact.

Will I get high quality association logo PNGs from your logo maker?

Of course, you will. Not only PNG but our association logo vectors (including other industry logos, too) come with a variety of file extensions that make your job as a marketer or entrepreneur really easy.

To get your community or association logo vector in PNG (and other formats), simply start browsing our logo maker to pick the template you wish to work on. The customization panel helps you modify the association logo template into a professional logo design that you can proudly display and advertise.

Once the design is final, create a quick account and download your logo for association swiftly and easily. For the complete list of file formats for our logo vectors, please click here.

Where do I go for inspiration for a foundation logo design?

The best place that’ll help you unpack your creative imagination to make an impressive foundation logo design is a logo maker design database. There are three main reasons for that:

  • All the foundation logos in our database are created by professional designers so you have real people’s design work to inspire your own.
  • The foundation logo templates in such a database are varied: created by different people of different tastes and for different types of companies. So, you have more variety to choose from.
  • The customization options, especially at, are awesome. They give you enough room to add your personal style into any foundation logo image you select.

If you are looking for foundation logo design inspirations, it's right here.

Which colors do you suggest I use for a nonprofit logo template?

Nonprofit logo templates, like community logos, must induce a sense of warmth and support through its business logo. Therefore, the best colors you can use in such a design are green, orange, yellow, and red.

Except for green, all of these are warm colors and make people feel motivated, energized, and cheered on. Green is a cool color but symbolizes growth, development, and nature. It is, therefore, used in a lot of nonprofit logo designs.

To really amp up your nonprofit organization logo, you can use grey, white, and brown as supporting colors.