Create Free Religious and Spiritual Logos

With our religious logo creator, you can be sure to connect with your audience’s spirit at first glance-with an attractive religious logo design for your church, temple, synagogue, or mosque. Browse through our database of unlimited free religious center logos and you’ll be sure to find one for your religious organization. Our free DIY logo maker features major religious symbols such as cross logos, angel logos and bible; Muslim crescent and minarets; Jewish Star of David, Hindu swastika, buddha logos; and more. A free logo maker tool also features tons of spiritual logos and symbols to grace your spiritual centers and spiritual company. Explore and try our free logo generator for your spiritual and religious center today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Religion & Spirituality Logos

What are the main religious symbols I can use in a logo?

If you are designing a Christianity logo, then a cross is one of the most popular symbols you can use. There are tons of different ways a cross can be presented in a logo design to create a unique brand image for your religious center.

We also have Jewish, Hindu, and Muslim symbols, too. Our mandala logos are especially popular among the masses, so do give them a look if you’re on the browse.

For something more neutral or more inclusive in your religious logo design, however, consider angel icons, sunrise, or dove symbols as the brand identity for your religious organization. Since religion can be a divisive topic for some, an increasing number of religious institutes are going for religious logos that aren’t too restrictive.

How can I create a spirituality logo using a logo template?

Logo templates enable you to create highly stimulating visuals for your business identity even when you don’t know any technicalities of the design yourself.

Using a wide variety of our spirituality logo templates, you can pick a few design themes that you like. With a few shortlisted templates, you can use our customization design studio to get into the design mode and make any changes that you want.

It’s this customization process that creates a truly unique spirituality logo. In the customization studio, you will find design options that’ll let you change font style and colors, add other symbols in the logo, see how the logo looks when you add other effects and truly enjoy the experience.

Logos for spirituality centers usually contain lotus flower icons while others use Buddha symbols to indicate the emotional health and well-being of followers.

What colors should I choose for my spiritual logo design?

Spiritual logo designs work really well in soothing and calming colors such as sea-green, sky-blue, dusty-rose, and others. You’ll see some designers going for brighter, more ‘visible’ colors such as purple in their designs too. While purple may look suitable for grand church symbols, it won’t look nice as a design for peace and meditation center brand image.

We’ve also seen yellow featured prominently in logo designs for spiritual centers. The science of spirituality logo dictates that all elements and aspects of the logo must, in essence, convey a sense of peace, calm, and rejuvenation. Therefore, you’ll see a lot of happy, sunny colors in spirituality branding with the shades muted.

Can I look for free religion logos using your logo maker?

Definitely. To start, simply choose Religion & Spirituality from our ‘Browse’ menu to look at our complete collection of free religion logos. The database is extensive enough to inspire and motivate you to start creating your logo design.

If you rather be limited in your search or have some religious logo ideas in mind, type in your keyword in our search bar to view the designs that are closer to your idea. The keyword can be anything: peace logos, meditation, symbol of a dove, or any other you have in mind.

Once you have selected a logo sample, click on ‘Edit & Download’ to modify the design as per your needs to get the original religious logo vector right in your download folder in a matter of minutes.

How is a religious logo different from a spirituality logo?

A religious logo is more symbolic of its traditional icons. Churches usually opt for crosses in settings including dove, dome symbols while Islamic centers logos tend to lean towards mosque symbols or minarets graphics.

Spirituality logos, on the other hand, can be more open and free in their representation. Though a lot of spiritual healing centers will often display Buddha in their brand designs, there are more choices for this.

In our logo gallery, you’ll see a lot of spiritual logo designs that are non-traditional: a sparkling tree symbol, for example, or flower in circles, abstract doves and pairs of hands symbols.

This is because modern religious organizations are also aiming towards religious logo ideas that convey a more broad and inclusive feel. The focus is shifting from traditional symbols to designs that express the spirit of the community.