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Get an Islamic logo using our free logo creator in seconds! Our beautiful Islamic logos are perfect for Islamic clothing stores logos, Islamic community center logo designs, mosque logos, Muslim cultural centers, specialty food stores and more! Use our interactive logo creator for free to find a perfect Islamic logo, such as an image of sun rays shining over beautiful minaret logo and domes with crescent symbol , or an ornamental mosque dome decorated with leaf patterns! Try it today, free!

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Frequently Asked Questions Islamic

Can I use a Madina logo for my Islamic startup?

Sure, why not. In fact, the Madina symbol is one of the most popular images associated with Islamic startups and Islamic school logos.

At, you’ll find a large variety of Islamic logos including various renditions of the holy city of Madina. Take a leisurely stroll around our gallery and shortlist the images that you find most suitable for your Islamic start up. These could be mosque logos, holy book logos, crescent logos, and others.

Whatever image you finally go with, just make sure it connects naturally to the brand you are trying to establish.

Can I download free mosque logo designs from your gallery?

Yes, you can. You can browse through our gallery for mosque logos completely free. You can also download logo designs for free.

When you select your Islamic mosque design template and customize it according to your choice, you’ll have an option to download it in either low for free or high resolution at a nominal fee.

If you have any queries regarding pricing structure for custom logo designs, feel free to get in touch.

What kind of Islamic icons should I choose for my Halal store?

When deciding on your halal store logo, you need to keep two things in mind:

a) The logo should represent your business as being halal.

b) The logo must be clear about being a retail symbol.

With these two requirements in mind, choose an Islamic store logo template that looks relevant to the retail industry as well as must look Islamic. Most halal retailers opt to use the Arabic script for the word Halal along with its English spelling underneath. It’s usually done with green colors to reinforce the Islamic brand message.

Depending on whether your store sells halal meat or other food, you can also use meat or grocery items in your halal store logo vector.

How can I create an Islamic finance logo design for free?

Using a DIY logo service like, you can create an Islamic finance logo design for free. Browsing and customizing our logo templates is also without charges.

Creating an Islamic monogram for your business is a simple process. Just start browsing through our collection of logos to find your perfect design. Once you do that, customize it to suit your design needs and then simply download it.

When you are downloading a logo design, you are asked to either choose the free option for a low-res file or pay a small fee and enjoy the high resolution Islamic logo PNG. Depending on your budget and your brand needs, you can choose either option.

Do you have Islamic logos that I can use for a software company?

Absolutely. We have a large collection of Islamic logos - hundreds of them that you can customize and use for several tech related businesses including a software company.

A beautiful minaret logol, a crescent symbol, and or a dome icon in abstract or 3D forms will look perfect. Mix the design with colors that are usually associated with tech, such as blue, green, teal, and even purple and orange and you’ve got your perfect logo ready.

Using a clean design strategy will help you select the very best Islamic logo image for your software company and improve your branding.