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Looking to create a free education logo for your institute? We have a state-of-the-art education logo maker to create free childcare and education logo designs to inspire young minds around the world. We listen to our customers and give their descriptions a brand image beyond imagination whether they be for school, college, summer camp, summer schools, K-12 school, or childcare logos. If you are looking to invent your own unique education logo design, look no further because we have just the education logo creator for you. Our education logo generator offer tons of education-related logo symbols for teacher logos, graduation, book, pencil, crayon crayon logos, etc. Pick a symbol and get started right away! Start with a free childcare logo creator or free education logo maker today!

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Type in your school or learning center name, sit back, and let our logo generator dig out some of the best education logos for you. Select a quality design-template that you think suits your institution best and lets you reach the hearts of thousands of eager learners.



You have found the perfect education logo, spend some time editing it to make it personalized to your institution. Or, work with our AI-powered logo maker to add the colors, layout, and fonts that represent your school and create logo that impresses people.



You have designed a decent education logo with our logo maker tool. All you have to do is download and get the logo files. Download your logo in PDF, JPEG, and PNG files. Start spreading the word about your education business.


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Design Elements for Education Logos

Logo Symbol


Look for the symbols that showcase your expertise and services in the education or learning sector. For your education logo, you can pick related symbols such as teachers, graduation hats, shields, books, pens, children holding books, pencils, torches, trees, wreaths, etc. Whether you run a kindergarten school or a well-established college, your education logo symbol should showcase enlightenment and your skills as a qualified educator.

Color Palette


Use the right colors for your education logo to connect with parents and students on a deeper level. Look for colors that reflect the personality and institute’s message. If it’s more mature, then muted colors like blue, green, or gray will be perfect for showing professionalism and authority. But if you teach younger kids, incorporate youthful bright colors like yellow, orange or red. Choose color palettes that reflect learning, positivity and trust.

Font Choice


You need a trustworthy typeface tocreate an education logo that is approachable and keeps the traditional values of your institution intact. Fonts play a crucial role in conveying the vision and mission of your institute. Times New Roman, Baskerville, Proxima Nova, Montserrat, Roboto, etc. are mostly used fonts in logo designs for academia. These fonts reflect credibility and instill curiosity in young minds and at the same time demonstrate the forward-thinking approach of your institution.

Design Layout


If you want your education logo design to look top-notch on the institute’s website, social media, school buses, diplomas or certificates, then designs a clean layout. Make your brand logo readable in different sizes and backgrounds. A few popular education logo types include mascots, wordmark, graphic icons with text, emblems, etc. It’s best to use one of these styles to build the right foundation for a customized and personalized education logo design.

Design Layout

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Frequently Asked Questions About Education Logos

How do I create an education logo with a logo maker app?

You basically have two ways to go about creating an education logo using a logo maker app. Click on the Education industry from the Browse button or key in your specific search queries in the search bar.

If you have some basic idea of what kind of education logo design you’re after, keying in specific search phrases can get you specific results. Some good ideas to start with include graduation cap icons,owl images, and books logos.

However, if you are not sure and want to browse for education logo ideas, a thorough search of education institute logos will be of more help.

That way, you can see different designs and explore various forms of education logo templates before you choose a final one. Whichever way you go, our professionally designed education logo images are varied enough to fulfill your design brief to a T.

Can I get a free education logo design in PDF format?

Without a doubt. All of our logo designs - including education logo designs - are created from scratch by expert graphic design professionals. The process ensures that we have all the vector files of the logos in high-resolution and hi-definition digital formats.

When you select an education logo template for your brand, you are able to download its vector file for free. The file you’ll get will be an HD digital file in including in PDF format to take care of all sorts of your education institute logo design and branding needs

What symbols are preferred for education institute logo?

This mostly depends on your design brief, personal taste, and brand requirements. Keeping these in mind, you can select an education institute logo image containing graduation cap icons, pen and pencil logos, calculator and notebook icons and such.

The design decision also depends on what kind of education institute you're running. For example, a preschool logo symbol will be very different from a driving institute logo. Additionally, you also need to figure out which kind of logo design is closest to your brand needs:

  • Modern education logo
  • College mascot logo
  • Minimal university logo design, or
  • Abstract school logo

Once you finalize all these details, settling upon a specific education logo symbol will become a cake walk.

How do I download a free education logo image from your website?

Getting an education logo image from is easy as pie. Just browse through our education logo gallery to select your favorite symbol. We have a variety of education logo design images for almost every field including: vocational school logos, driving school, pre-school, private school emblems, elementary school logos as well as childcare center logos and Islamic school logo images.

Once you've decided on the one you like, just tweak for school name, slogan or even color, then click on “Download”. Your free education logo image is ready for use!

What are the essentials of an education department logo?

To create an institutional looking logo for an education department, you need to have a strong grasp over three main logo design elements:

  • The symbol
  • Color palette
  • Logo font

The logo symbol for an education department can be anything from an emblem containing books and graduation hats to an abstract pen logo in shield, depending on things such as whether it's a special education department logo or a basic education department logo etc. For colors, pick blue, yellow, green, and orange. For accent colors, beige and brown are the best. Similarly, pick fonts that look professional but not too serious, if you are creating a design for a children's institute.

In addition to symbol-based logos, people also choose wordmark or lettermark logos to put emphasis on their business name.