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How to Design a Company Logo in Minutes

Your search for a brand identity design for your business stops right here. Browse tons of free design templates to start creating a free company logo for your brand, literally in minutes.


Browse Icons

Start by browsing through our gallery of tens and thousands of free logo design templates designed by our professional graphic designers. We've made sure we cater every taste and type – from minimalist to illustrative, vintage to modern and high tech computer logos. You'll never be out of ideas when you browse our database.


Edit Your Symbol

Pick a free design of your choice from the gallery by clicking on "Select" and head over to our high-end design studio. This is where all the magic happens. You get to play around with your free business icon by adding shapes, and/or customizing fonts, colors, and effects. There are tons of options to choose from!


Download Instantly

Once you're satisfied with your created free company logo and its customization, then all you have to do is click on "Download" to get your vector files. We provide high quality design file formats such as JPG, PNG and PDF. All are ideal for quality branding graphics such as printing, packaging and display ads, as well as website design, social media covers etc.

Free Logo Design Ideas for Every Business

Explore free company logos made easy for all types of professionals and industries.


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From monogram to shield, graduation cap, pen, pencil, children and books, you'll find outstanding designs for your education institution, schools, college and university.


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Whether you need a construction company logo, or for your contractor business, we’ve got symbols like buildings, structures, and heavy-duty vehicles, ideal for your business. Click here.


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Looking for a little va-voom in your fashion logo design? We've got handbag, apparel, shoes, hat, clothing, as well as woman and man in profile and silhouette symbols to entice your clientele. Click to here to get started.


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Whet your customers’ appetite with a scrumptious restaurant logo design. From coffee cup to cupcake, chicken, hotdog, burger, noodle and more, we’ve got all types of restaurant logos. Click to get a design now.


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Your professional law firm deserves a professional legal logo. Gavel, balance, lady justice or court house we've got the symbol to represent every legal niche: law firm, attorney, justice center etc. Pick a symbol today.

Real Estate

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Do you fancy gable roof or abstract house for your realty brand identity? Buildings, roofs, houses, farm houses and many more real estate logos are featured in our gallery. Click to browse our collection.

Elements of a Logo Design

Why Do You Need a Logo?

A logo is a visual representation of your brand which can be denoted by a graphic image, symbol or emblem. You need to give a face to your business brand so your customers and audience can associate with. Your choice and need of a design is dependent on your preference, industry, audience receptiveness and/or design trend.

But that is not all. You need an identity to communicate your brand message, vision, mission and what you offer that is of value to your audience. Your logo thus needs to effectively communicate your brand promise, and elicit feelings of trust, confidence and reliability.

You also need a logo design to be the ambassador of your brand wherever your business moves whether it is online, offline, locally or globally. That is why you will see startups, small businesses, medium to large enterprises use their brand identity on product packaging, uniform, vehicles, social media, website and anywhere that their brand get in contact with their customers.

How to Make a Logo Design?

Whether you decide to engage a logo designer or use a free logo maker, the basic elements are the same.

First you need to understand the brand, what it needs to communicate and what industry it belongs to. Research competitors, market and audience thoroughly before starting to make a brand icon.

Then decide on what type of design you want: wordmark, lettermark, iconic or monogram etc. If you decide on iconic, then select an appropriate symbol that represent your brand like flower or graph. If you choose to go with a wordmark or lettermark then you will have to be careful in selecting a font that is legible to communicate your brand message perfectly.

Always make your logo in black and white first then choose colors. For that, it's important to understand color psychology, industry trend, and audience perceptiveness. Once colors are done, you can decide on adding effects like gradient, shadow or retro effect to your logo.

How to Trademark a Logo?

A trademark is a definitive sign, name, symbol or logo of a business to represent your products or services. There is a legal way to protect these – by trademarking with a legal authority, which, in the U.S. can be done through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

To trademark a logo, first you need to make sure that similar symbols have not already been registered by someone else. You can do this by checking the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) database.

Once cleared, you can initiate the online trademark process for your icon by preparing for it. You’ll need to have information like business category, locality, ownership details, distinctive design marks and date of commencement of commercial activities on hand for the registration.

You can trademark a logo for anything between $275 and $325, provided no legal counsel is involved. Within six months to one year you will be able to get a confirmation whether your design has been trademarked or not.

Where to design a logo on your website?
You can start designing by heading to our gallery where you can select a symbol or alphabet letter. Once you select it, you will be taken to the logo maker which will allow you to customize your symbol for colors, font or text.
Does your software allow designing a logo without text?
Definitely! You can create a logo without text by first browsing our comprehensive symbol database. There, select a symbol that you like then head to our software studio where you can remove the text. Once done just download your design without text.
How can I create a logo design with letters?
We have an extensive A to Z letter logos database here. Browse through tons of alphabet letter based symbols and select one of your choice. Then go to the studio to customize as usual or download the letter symbols as it is.
Can I create my design with taglines?
Of course. Our intelligent logo maker tool allows you to add taglines to your icon besides the company name. Just click on the "Add Text" button to add as much text as you like whether it is a tagline or a slogan.
What makes a good logo design?
A good logo design allows your business to communicate your brand message to your audience when you’re not in the room. More importantly, it has all the important marks such as symbol, company name, slogan or trademark that will distinguish your brand from the competitors. Last but not least, a good logo design is memorable, scalable, attractive and adaptable to your branding needs.
How much does a logo design cost?
A logo design can cost anywhere between zero to thousands of dollars depending on your brand requirements. It can be created using a logo maker tool like ours or you can engage a logo designer to do the job. On our website you can get a beautifully illustrative template for just $37.
Is your logo maker tool free for all?
It is definitely! Our free logo maker is free for use for everyone. You can use it anytime you like, anywhere and with any symbol or letter in our database. There is not limitation for using our free logo maker. If you like a design for download, only then you pay. So start using the tool today!

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