Proficient HVAC Logos

Don’t blow hot or cold with your customers with a dull image for your company. Check our free HVAC company logo designs featured in our free logo maker which are specially created for designing air conditioning contractor logos, ventilation repair and maintenance, cooling solution providers as well as heating companies. We have all types of HVAC vector symbols free for edits, including flames with gear logo, snowflake, swooshes, liquid drop, gable roof, and abstract man with tools logo. Just select your favorite icon to get started on our advance logo tool for free today!

Frequently Asked Questions HVAC

What images will be best suited for an air conditioner logo?

Images that combine heating and cooling agents, like snowflakes and flame icons, are usually incorporated into HVAC logos.

However, you can also add home images, wind icons, or you can decide to use a whole AC unit image as your brand icon. Combining icons is a great way to add depth and dimension to simple AC logo templates. offers a wide variety of air conditioning logo images that you can browse and use for free. Our intelligent logo maker makes sure that all the images used in logo templates are according to popular demand and fulfill professional purposes.

Can I view free HVAC images in your logo gallery?

Sure. All of the HVAC logo images in our gallery are free to view and use. Our logo maker offers an almost infinite variety of HVAC icons and images to look through till you find the one that hits all the check marks.

Your choice for your HVAC company logo depends a lot on your personal preferences. For example, if you aren’t an abstract fan you may stay away from all abstract HVAC logos. But the best strategy to choose the perfect company logo is to focus on your brand message, whether through an HVAC logo or slogan.

So take advantage of our free logo gallery and start looking for your perfect HVAC logo design right now.

Do you have free refrigeration logos for professional use?

All the refrigeration logos you see here are free and can instantly use them to promote your brand. Whether you’re launching a new business or rebranding your old one, our cooling logos are designed to take care of all your business needs

While you can certainly download free refrigerator logo designs from our logo gallery, we recommend paying a nominal fee for a high resolution image. This design fee is quite small and won’t put a dent in your budget.

So take all the time you need and browse and download your favorite fridge logo at absolutely no cost.

Do you have HVAC icons in PNG format?

You bet. Every design you find here, all the templates and HVAC icons are in PNG format so you get high-quality logo designs when launching your brand.

Our heating and air logo designs are created by professional logo designers, and image-quality is one of the top things we pay attention to. Even when you are editing the image to fit it to your design needs, the process doesn’t affect the image-quality. So you always get your HVAC logo in sharpest resolution.

To try the process yourself, select an HVAC logo template and edit it in our design studio. You can add, remove or improve elements, and it’ll retain its quality.

What symbols are best for creating AC logos?

AC logos with symbols and images such as flame with snow, or the ones with machine icons, wrench tools and similar are quite popular.

However, it is important to note that in addition to symbols and icons, wordmarks and lettermark logos are also famous choices for AC logo designs. Business owners use their company or brand names as their main logo design to help people remember their brand.

So whether you choose a symbol or a wordmark, ensure your logo is on-brand and sends the correct message.