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All set to go live with your entertainment or music enterprise? Why not go live with a bang with an iconic music logo design from our free logo maker? We have a wide variety of free music logo templates specially designed for the record company, music recording studios, theater companies, music bands, event management, music school, distribution companies and DJ logos. You’ll love the symbols we have on our free entertainment logo creator - music instruments like guitar, piano, cello, drums to records, microphone, headphones, synthesizer, dancer, and music note logos. Browse our database to pick an illustrative or flat logo design from our logo creator for your music company today. Customize all you want to make a unique logo for your music company or even make an entertainment logo design. Check out our free logo generator now!

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No matter what genre of music you pursue, we have got a brand symbol for your taste. Our tool has tons of templates for jazz, pop music logos or any other that you fancy. Simply enter your band or music company name, and select a design that fits your music brand identity.


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Once you have found a sensational logo for your music band, play with different color palettes, and add creative font pairings in the logo generator tool. Search for the shapes or icons related to the kind of music you perform to design a music logo that attracts raving fans.



You have designed your music brand logo, now you can access the files for use. Our free logo generator gives you multiple formats like PDF, JPEG, and PNG to download your design. Use your brand new music logo on album covers, or band merch and start promoting your gigs.


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Expressive Music Logo Elements

Logo Symbol

Iconic Logo

To create your music logo, use icons like guitar, piano, cello, drums, microphone, headphones, synthesizer, music notes, and a singer holding a mic. But don’t feel like you are bound to use these icons; look for the abstract symbols that express the music you make. Pop bands like the Beatles used text logos with their initials or the name of their musical group. This makes it easier for the fans to recall their band name. While groups like Rolling Stones or Nirvana have an abstract symbol as their brand identity.

Color Palette

Dynamic Colors

Colors impact your overall music band message. They are used to convey all kinds of emotions like excitement, empathy, joy, and inspiration. Study color psychology to see which shades are perfect for your music logo design. Musical acts usually have bright colors like red, yellow, pink, or purple in their logos. These colors make their brand symbols stand out. Other popular shades are neon green, pink, or orange; these look good on music bar signs. Look for logo colors that will resonate with your fanbase.

Font Choice

Stylised Fonts

Music bands use all kinds of fonts in their brand symbols including custom fonts. You can choose the script type for your music artist logo. Taylor Swift uses a Billowing Script font for her brand identity. Another common font type is the Slab serif typeface like Sentinel font which is used in the Outkast’s logo while Metallica uses the Pastor of Muppets font. Many music bands choose custom fonts to add personality to their music band logo design because the font you choose will send a unique message to fans about your music taste.

Design Layout

Logo Types

Standing out in the music industry is not easy. However, a well-executed design makes your music logo recognizable across different platforms, media and branding materials. Some common logo types used in music brand symbols include wordmark, lettermark, brandmark, emblem, illustrative logo, and abstract logo. Keep the design clean and avoid excessive details that can ruin the legibility and scalability. Illustrative designs are commonly used in heavy metal band music logos , while simple text-based logos are popular for pop artist logos.

Design Layout

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Frequently Asked Questions About Entertainment Music Logos

Where can I find cool music logos online?

To find cool music logos online, you have several options but the best places to start with are as follows:

  1. 1. If you need cool music logos for your disc jockey, radio jockey or record company brand identities then LogoDesign.net's logo maker is the best place. We have thousands of hip and attractive music logos for all types of music related ventures.
  2. 2. If you need cool music logos for inspiration or you want to design a logo for a guitar company or piano supplier then you can browse our logo maker or visit Behance or Dribble where thousands of designers showcase their portfolios.
  3. 3. If you need to design a cool custom music logo then we have a panel of dedicated graphic designers who can offer plenty of customized logo design options.

What are the main elements of a music company logo?

When designing a music company logo, you need to pay attention to the three main elements of a logo:

  • a. Symbol – select a symbol that relates to the business or at least to the music industry so your audience can connect with your music company logo immediately when they see it. Symbols like music keyboard, music note or drum logo designs are good starting points.
  • b. Color – color is another important aspect that you need to consider while designing your own music logo. Energetic colors like orange, red, fuchsia are good for hip and young crowds while black, blue and gold are for a mature audience.
  • c. Font – choose a font that will ensure that your message can effectively communicate to your customers. Either a clean sans serif for a modern look or a clear serif font for a classic brand image.

Having said that you don't have to follow these logo design elements if you don’t want to. You can also create your own music logo using simple text or alphabet letters of your name.

How to get high quality entertainment logo vectors?

High quality entertainment logo vectors are useful for not only branding digital materials like social media visuals, email signatures, website design etc. but also for print materials such as business cards, brochures, and stationeries. You can easily get high-res entertainment logo vectors right here on LogoDesign.net’s logo maker by paying a nominal fee for premium files. When you click to download you will be given free option as well as high resolution entertainment logo PNG, PDF and JPEG. Alternatively, you can hire a graphic designer to design your entertainment brand logo who will definitely provide you high quality design files whether you require one for your karaoke logo design, record company label, musical instrument supply store or even concert logo designs.

What types of symbols are used in singing logo designs?

Musicians are particular about their creative endeavors, and their singing logo design is no exception. However, instead of going out of the way to show your creativity, some form of graphic design aesthetics and industry norms need be followed. For your singer’s logo design, symbols of music note, microphone icons or silhouette of a person singing are some of the most preferred coupled with heart icons, sound waves and star symbols make perfect singer’s logo concepts. Alternatively, you can opt for simple wordmark logos of your name only which will do just fine as a personal brand identity.

What symbols are trendy for designing music icons?

Designing music icons that are trendy and at par with the current music industry requires finesse in design techniques as well as aesthetics. Some of the most trendy music icon designs include gradient style that is similar to the Instagram logo. However, flat and 3D logos are also pretty popular with bright popping colors of purple, red and orange hues. Line art with neon colors are also gradually catching on the pop music crowd. And if you are designing logo concepts for a record company then try black and gold.