DIY Automobile Logo & Transport Logo Creator

Are you looking for an auto shop logo or transport company logo design? We make it easy for you to brand your business using a free transportation logo creator online. Starting your auto parts, car mechanic, workshop, garage, car collision or car selling business may require all your efforts. Create an automotive logo and transportation logo design for free in minutes using our easy and simple DIY car logo maker. With thousands of pre-made logo templates designed for your startup, you can choose to get a truck logo, automobile, shipping, movers, courier service company logo or bike logo in no time. You don't have to have graphic design skills when you employ a logo generator; just select your favorite auto-shop logo design from our free logo maker tool to edit the font and colors, and instantly download for free. And if you can't find your desired transport logo design, start over or request a custom logo design.

Frequently Asked Questions About Auto & Transportation Logos

Where can I get the best auto shop logo designs for inspiration?

Some of the best places to get auto shop logo designs for inspiration include browsing through portfolios of established logo designers online, logo design databases, and online logo maker free tools.

These depositories have thousands and thousands of auto mechanic logo templates or concepts of all types, whether you are looking for automotive parts, auto workshop or auto logo design for free.

Since most of them are from designers from all walks of life, they help give you auto shop logo ideas as well as inspiration for designing your own logo.

Is it necessary to use car symbols in logos for automobiles?

Absolutely not. Some of the famous car logos in the world are abstract shapes or symbols such as intertwining circles logo of AUDI and Toyota, shiny stars graphics in Subaru, animals like jaguar and horse symbols as in Jaguar and Ferrari logos respectively.

The important thing to remember when selecting a symbol for your automobile company logo is how it reflects on your brand story, vision and mission.

What are the important elements of a transport logo design?

There are three main elements that you need to keep in mind when designing your transport company logo:

Selecting the correct symbol: Choose a transport logo image that resonate with your brand, target audience and company mission. It wouldn’t do to select a bus symbol when you are designing a transport container and service brand identity.

Select the correct color: Most industries go by colors that are perceived as positive and resonate with their customers. Hence, bright colors would do well for tour bus transportation logos while sober blue or deep green works well with transport company logo PNGs.

Select the right font: Just like symbols matter, so do the selection of the right font type. A playful font will give a non-serious impression while a sober type like serif or even a professional sans serif would best fit for your transport logo font.

What is the process of designing garage logos like?

Designing a garage logo for your client or for your own business is no rocket science but it does take a little consideration.

The first step is to select your symbol. For example, if you are looking to design your own garage logo which specializes in engines of motorbikes then select a motorcycle symbol that is appropriate to your niche. On the other hand if you specialize in towing and fixing accidental cars then some tow truck logos here can give you ideas.

Once done, fill in the colors that you like best for your brand. If your garage specializes in vintage cars then a retro effect logo design would be a good idea. Alternatively, you can choose cutting edge neon or bright red to show your prowess in your skills.

Finally, select the font for writing your company name and slogan. We suggest adding a slogan which will define your specialty so your customers won’t be confused when they look at your garage logo design.

After the designing steps, the final and most important part is to make sure that you get high resolution files of your garage logo such as .PNG, PDF and/or .EPS so you can easily use it in branding.

Which are the top shipping company logo images used by professionals?

When designing shipping logos, professionals often look for the type and niche the shipping company is in. For example, if a company specializes in transporting goods internationally then images relating to trade and logistics will work well.

On the other hand, if your shipping company is purely working in the capacity of maritime transportation then images of anchor, ship wheel, compass, ship logo images will work better.

Finally, it’s also possible that the designer makes a judgment call in the end and may just settle for a lettermark logo design instead for the shipping company brand identity.