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Get an amazing car wash logo using our free logo designer in just seconds! Make a stronger brand presence by choosing one of our free car wash logos designed specifically for automated and touchless car wash systems, manual car washes, self service car cleaning center logos, as well as car detailing service logo designs, car wash repair specialists. Take advantage of our free logo creator to search for designs, such as a silhouette of a car inside of a water drop logo symbol, a water wave with bubbles in the shape of a car, or an outline of a freshly washed car made out of colorful swoosh lines! Try it today, free!

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Wash Logos

Can I design a car wash logo for free?

Using our DIY logo maker tool you can certainly design a ,car wash logo for free. All of our designs have been created by professional graphic designers and contain original and unique concepts.

Whether you are looking for a car wash logo design, car cleaning logo, or any other logo related to auto services, we have a large variety of designs to suit all your business needs. To get your free car wash logo design, simply search for ‘car wash’ templates. You’ll be shown hundreds of designs. Select any one that you like the best and start editing it to customize it as per your business needs.

When you’re done, click on Check Out and there you have your free car wash brand logo.

What images can I use for a car wash services logo?

We have a huge variety of professionally-designed car services logos available for free. You can choose any one of these designs to create your perfect business logo at no cost.

Of the logo images available in our gallery, the most popular images consist of car cleaning logos with a lot of soapy bubbles around. Water bubbles icons, sparkling stars, foaming soap symbols, shower heads and other cleaning-related icons are immensely popular among clients. The intent is to immediately convey a message of auto cleaning by using simple and to-the-point imagery.

To look at the complete variety of our car wash services logo vectors, head over to our design gallery.

Why is blue such a prominent color in car wash icons?

While blue is a universally popular color, the reason it features so prominently in car wash icons is that it sends a message of cleanliness and trust. That’s why you’ll also see it in many pharmacy logos or on detergent product logos.

It is also a color that symbolizes water and oceans, so it makes sense to use it in your car wash logos - an industry where cleaning and water are major features. However, if you do not want to use blue in your logo design, there are many other colors that can do a good enough job. Consider using green, orange, and white. Black and beige are also popular as secondary colors in car wash logo designs.

How can I add a car wash slogan to my design?

It’s super-simple. While you can add your business name on the designs at the start of your search, adding your car wash slogan on it will be a part of the customization process.

To start the logo design process, you’ll first have to choose a logo template that you wish to use as your company logo design. Then click on ‘Edit & Download’. You’ll be taken to the customization panel which has a text editing feature. This feature will be used to add your slogan to your car wash logo image. On the top toolbar, find the ‘Add Textfield’ button, click on it, and type in your slogan. You’d be able to change its font style and colors, and when you’re satisfied, click on Download and you’re done.

How can I create a car was brand logo?

It largely depends on your budget and your skill level. If you have sufficient budget, you can hire a graphic designer to get a custom logo, or you can also design it yourself on Illustrator or Corel Draw etc. However, the easiest and most affordable way to design a car wash brand logo is to use a logo maker app like ours.

Our DIY app is AI-powered so the logo creation process is simple, intelligent, and efficient. Plus, all of our car wash brand logos are created by trained professionals and contain a huge variety of conceptual designs. So no matter your design taste or business needs, you’re bound to find car wash brand images that’ll hit all the boxes on your logo design checklist.

To look at our latest variety, please head over to our logo gallery now.