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circles with text modern design text circular lines of brush strokes cleaning logo silhouette of maid spraying

Great Collective Maid Logo Illustrations for Inspiration

Use our professional maid logo to tell your customers you are ready for some serious housekeeping and cleaning! Get a professionally designed maid logo, created especially for designing cleaning logos, maid service providers, window washing companies, deep carpet cleaner rentals, housekeeping logos and property maintenance logo designs ! Choose a free maid logo that will make your brand stand out with images such as a maid with a duster wearing a uniform, or a silhouette of a female maid with ponytail hair in a dress holding a dusting brush! Our housekeeper logos and maid logos are stunning and professionally created. Get your logo today by using our free logo creator!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Maid Logos

Is a broom icon good for a maid agency logo?

A broom icon is a good idea for a maid agency logo as you want to send a message related to housekeeping and cleaning. With a broom, a mop icon, or something similar, that message becomes instantly understandable.

In addition to these mop and broom icons, you can also choose a cleaning maid logo with a dusting brush, a vacuum cleaner logo image, an abstract cleaning brush with swooshes and a cleaning wiper logo with sparkling stars around, etc, too. All these icons make for instantly understandable logo symbols and your audience won’t have trouble spotting your business as a maid agency.

For the complete variety of our maid services logo designs, start exploring our designs today.

What house cleaning logo images can I find in your logo gallery?

We have an extensive variety of house cleaning logo images in our stock that you’ll find quite fitting for your house cleaning business.

Depending on the style of design you’re going for, you can look for cleaning logos with multiple cleaning icons in a single template. Or you can opt for a minimal look with a vacuum cleaner on a bunch of tiles. We also have window cleaning logos, a house merged with a broom icon, and a logo of a maid cleaning with a broom.

We host such a wide variety of design styles to make sure that no matter which look you’re going for, you can find a design similar to it with us.

What customization options do you have for a maid logo design?

Our design studio hosts a vast variety of customization options for all kinds of logo designs, including maid logos, to help businesses with their branding.

As you enter the customization panel after selecting your logo image, you can completely alter the design. In addition to font, color, and size changes, you can also add your brand slogan, add more shapes to the maid logo image, change the effects such as opacity, gloss, shadow and more. You can also flip the design if you want, or change its alignment as per your design needs.

And you can do all this and more with a simple click of a button. No prior design knowledge required.

Are all your housekeeping logo images free to use?

You bet. Not only our housekeeping logo images as well as logo designs for all the other industries are absolutely free, they are also professionally created. What this means is, you get a custom designer-made logo for your business at no cost at all.

We have included the free housekeeping service logos in our package to make sure that top-quality design is in reach of all businesses no matter their budget constraints or financial situation.

In addition to free housekeeping logos, we also have download packages where clients can choose to pay small fees in order to enjoy more file format options, better image resolutions, and logo design for business cards and letterheads etc, too.

You can even go for custom logo design with branding options if you have the budget to splurge, usually for small and medium enterprises.

Can I download a free maid logo vector from your site?

While you can download a regular logo file for completely free from our site, to download a maid logo vector file with high resolution, you’ll need to pay a nominal design fee. But this design fee isn’t much and in return you’ll not only get a vector file but in hi-res formats, too.

If you are looking for free logo designs, we recommend going for the free download option. In this option, you get your logo design file completely free, no hidden charges whatsoever. You’ll be able to use this maid logo file with complete ease and freedom

To find details on the payment options, start designing now and click on ‘Checkout’ when you’re done