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Best Staffing Logo Ideas for Professionals

Employ a professional staffing logo to give your brand a new look today using our fast and easy logo creator for free that have tons of symbols for you to choose from. Whether you are searching for information technology employee logo designs , construction laborers, or contract staffing for hotels, airlines, call centers etc. we guarantee you will love our illustrative staffing logos to aptly represent your business. Check them out now by using our free logo maker today!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Staffing

What’s the difference between a recruitment logo and a staffing logo?

One difference between both is that a recruitment firm acquires full-time talent while a staffing company helps connect temporary workers with potential employers.

For a staffing logo design, we use images of team logos and multiple people in the logos to communicate the idea of having more people for the job and the fluid environment of a temp agency. For a recruitment firm logo, images and symbols are more specific and only contain silhouettes of one or two people and more about finding the ‘right’ person. Most staffing logos display connections or networks in their designs, too, to seem on-theme with the nature of the business.

Do you offer custom staffing company logos?

Yes, we do. Our custom staffing company logos are best suited for businesses that are looking for exclusive brand logo designs as they try to expand. They are also suitable for startups with comfortable design budgets.

To order a custom staffing logo image from us, click on the Premium Logo on the top of our navigation bar. The action will take you to our custom logo design page. There you can see our most recent work, view the pricing plans, and place an order for your exclusive logo.

Depending on the price plan you choose, you can control how many designers work on your project, available revisions, number of concepts, and even the deadline.

Is using a free staffing logo maker really worth it?

It depends on your immediate brand goals and design budget mostly, but a free staffing logo maker is worth it if you’re starting out.

It prevents you from launching your new venture without a visual identity. Whether you are starting an employment agency and requiring a employee logo, or a contractor logo to go with your staffing contracting business, a staffing logo maker allows you to gain an initial following from your audience through a piece of visual design that is easy to understand. A free staffing logo helps you start your digital media branding, run ad campaigns, and start building your brand on solid grounds.

Once you get comfortable in terms of your budget, you can always improve upon the existing design by paying a nominal design fee. It allows you to use your logo in more formats, with higher branding ability.

Where can I use staffing icon in branding?

All you need to know about branding your company is, the sky is the limit. You can display your staffing icon anywhere you want. Some prominent places are your social media, website, office uniforms, merchandise and packaging, office vehicles, and office stationery, etc.

All of your business assets and marketing and promotional materials are great places to display your staffing logo icon. The more people see your brand, the more memorable it becomes. With an intelligently designed staffing logo image, the repeated display of your logo will help people develop positive feelings towards it. You can attract top talent due to it and gain immediate success.

How can I get a staffing agency logo with a small budget?

At LogoDesign.Net, we have kept our rates affordable, so without worrying about costs, you can get a stellar staffing agency logo for your business.

Browse our staffing logo design gallery to look at the available logo templates. We have over a thousand unique designs to help you pick the best one. From people in suits and ties logos to briefcase logos, paper logos, abstract swoosh logos and more, ideal for your staffing company logo. Once you’ve shortlisted a few logo designs, you can click on the Edit & Download button to start customizing your staffing agency logo design. Change colors, try new fonts, add a tagline, or experiment with other design effects, all of this is free.

Once you’re happy with the final design, click on Download. And for a small design fee, you can get a professionally-designed logo delivered right to your device.