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Your search for an AI logo maker stops at With our free online logo maker tool, we offer you thousands of ideas to fire up your imagination. Make a logo for your business startup or redesign a logo for an existing brand. With our DIY logo creator tool, you can create a custom logo of your choice with unique logo fonts, colors, and styles.

We guarantee you'll be delighted to find how much fun it is to play with our extremely easy-to-use free logo generator. Where else can you find excellent quality and beautiful logos, comprehensively categorized so you can just pick and download logo files in a few clicks!

Our online logo maker is the best tool for generating custom logos for graphic designers, bloggers, startups, website designers, etc. We take care of the logo creation process to make professional logos for your business affordable. Try our free logo creator now by selecting a template or industry of your niche. Get started with our free logo maker now!

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With our online logo creator, you can never go wrong. Our easy-to-use logo editor software is packed with powerful drag-and-drop tools that anyone can use, no graphic design skills are required!

Flexible Online Logo Maker

Flexible Online Logo Maker

With tons of custom design options available on our online logo maker tool, you don’t need any graphic designer to create a unique logo for your company. Just drag and drop what you need, play around, and when you are satisfied with the result, download your logo from our free logo creator. Our free logo maker provides PDF, JPEG, and PNG logo files for download.

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Brandable Logo Templates

Brandable Logo Templates

Our graphic designers work day and night to craft beautiful logos to be featured in the online logo creator tool. With additional fonts, colors, and different shapes you can personalize your blend of brand designs to make unique logos of your choice. This is why you will always find brandable logo templates in our free logo maker suited for your business needs.

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Readymade Branding Solution

Readymade Branding Solution

What’s more, you can find matching and readymade branding solutions when you use and download a design from our online logo creator. From business card design to letterhead, envelope, social media header design and t-shirt design. We have all the required branding materials to launch your brand identity in just a few clicks!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Logo Maker

Why do you need a logo?

A logo is a visual representation of your brand which can be denoted by a graphic image, symbol, or emblem. You need to give a face to your business brand so your customers and audience can associate with it. Your choice and need for a business logo are dependent on your preference, industry, audience receptiveness, and/or design trend.

But that is not all. You need a brand identity to communicate your brand message, vision, mission, and what you offer that is of value to your audience. It thus needs to effectively communicate your brand promise, and elicit feelings of trust, confidence, and reliability.

You also need to make a logo for your business to be the ambassador of your brand wherever your business moves whether it is online, offline, locally, or globally. That is why you will see startups, small businesses, and medium to large enterprises use their brand identity on product packaging, uniform, vehicles, social media, website, and anywhere that their brand gets in contact with their customers.

You can right here at which offers tons of perfect logo templates to match your brand when you use our fast and free logo maker. You can get a logo for your business right here at which offers tons of perfect logo templates to match your brand when you use our fast and free logo maker.

What makes a good logo?

A good logo allows your business to communicate your brand message to your audience when you’re not in the room. More importantly, it has all the important logo elements such as symbol, company name, slogan, or trademark that will distinguish your brand from the competitors.

A good logo makes your brand story believable to your audience, through simple graphics or illustrative design.

When making a good logo ensure it is memorable, scalable, attractive, and adaptable to your branding needs. Whether your business is offline or online, a good logo works well with marketing materials, banners, website or in your app.

How to make a unique logo?

Whether you decide to make a unique logo by engaging a graphic designer or using a logo maker online, the basic elements are the same.

First, you need to understand the brand, what it needs to communicate and what industry it belongs to. Research competitors, market, and audience thoroughly before starting to make a brand logo.

Then decide on what type of design you want: wordmark, lettermark, iconic or monogram etc. If you decide on iconic, then select an appropriate symbol that represents your brand like a flower logo or graphic image. If you choose to go with a wordmark or lettermark then you will have to be careful in selecting a font that is legible to communicate your brand message perfectly.

Always make your logo in black and white first then choose colors. For that, it’s important to understand color psychology, industry trend, and audience perceptiveness. Once colors are done, you can decide on adding effects like gradient, shadow, or retro effects to make your logo unique.

Should I use a logo maker or hire a logo designer?

You can choose to hire a logo designer for a custom logo design that tailors exactly to your brand. A professional logo designer is a good option when you have the time and budget because you will have to go through the whole process:

a. Put an advertisement or outreach designer who specializes in the type of designs you like.

b. Ask for a portfolio.

c. Negotiate pricing.

d. Write up a contract.

e. Commence work.

f. Finalize design.

This process may take weeks for which a busy business owner doesn’t have time.

Instead, you can use a logo maker tool to create a logo and get it instantly. With a sophisticated logo creator like, you can get tons of logo templates as well as the ability to design your own logo on the spot. Most logo generators like ours allow you to edit and customize your logo, and download it in minutes. Customizations include fonts, colors, shapes, and design effects. That’s how powerful our logo creator is. Once you’re done, you can download your logo vector files and use them instantly, all at a fraction of the cost.

When can I use my logo?

When you download your company logo, you get vector files such as PNG, JPEG and PDF which allows you to use your logo instantly.

Now, you can use your logo for your website, social media images, cover, profile picture, as well as branding YouTube channel, email signature, etc. You don’t have to wait for any type of finalization.

You can also use your logo for other branding materials like brand identity, marketing collaterals, brochures, billboards, advertisements, and similar graphic designs.

Our logo maker offers the highest quality designs and resolutions so they can be used by professional graphic designers to create all your branding materials without a problem.

You can learn more about our logo creator tool and how it can best work for you by reading our logo maker related FAQs.

How do I make a company logo for free?

You can make a company logo for free by using a DIY logo creator. A logo software tool like offers plenty of choices of free logo templates. You can start by deciding on the four main elements: company name, font, logo color, and a symbol (optional).

To start making a company logo, head to our gallery page and follow these steps:

Step 1 . Select a symbol or alphabet letter from our logo maker’s database.

Step 2 . Customize your company logo for colors, font, or text in the logo editor studio.

Step 3 . When you are satisfied with the design then click on download for vector files.

You can learn more about how our logo maker tool works in this visual step-by-step guide.

How to trademark a logo?

A trademark is a definitive sign, name, symbol or logo of a business to represent your products or services. There is a legal way to protect these – by trademarking with a legal authority, which, in the U.S. can be done through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

TTo trademark a logo, first, you need to make sure that similar symbols have not already been registered by someone else. You can do this by checking the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) database.

Once cleared, you can initiate the online trademark process for your logo by preparing for it. You’ll need to have information like business category, locality, ownership details, distinctive design marks, and date of commencement of commercial activities on hand for the registration.

You can trademark a logo for anything between $275 and $325, provided no legal counsel is involved. Within six months to one year you will be able to get a confirmation whether your design has been trademarked or not.

With a logo maker tool, the copyrights of the logos remains with the company so you can’t trademark the logo graphic. You can, however, purchase the logo copyrights, subject to management approval. For details, read our terms for using our logo maker.

Does your software allow designing a logo without text?

Definitely! You can design a logo without text by first browsing through our comprehensive symbol database.

Select a symbol that you like then head over to the logo editor studio. Here you can make a logo without text by simply removing the pre-set text on the logo template. You can even add your own symbol to the existing one in the studio by adding a shape logo whether it is a hexagon symbol, a heart icon or any other shape. We have a whole list of different types of shapes to design your logo.

Customize your logo without text by using only symbols, and colors, and then download your logo concept in minutes.

How can I create a logo with letters?

Letter logos are all about playing with fonts and integrating other design elements to make unique logos.

Create a logo with letters by first identifying which letter you want to represent your brand. Our logo creator have an extensive library of A to Z letter logos where every letter logo is designed to match industry, brand and logotype. Whether you’re looking for an alphabet for a yoga center logo or an initial to create your lawyer logo, our logo creator features thousands of professionally designed letter logos for you to choose from.

Fonts used in these letter logos range from serif to sans serif, script, and slab so you have plenty to choose from.

  • Select a letter logo to start creating a design.
  • Then go to the design studio to customize colors, company name and tagline.
  • Finally, download the letter logo vector files to start branding.

Can I create my own logo with taglines?

The best thing about creating your own logo is that, you can customize your logo anyway you want it, including your tagline.

When you use our intelligent logo maker tool, it allows you to add taglines to your logo besides the company name. Just click on the “Add Text” button to add a tagline or a slogan.

You can customize the font choice in the tagline as well. For example, you can have a sans serif font for company name but a script font for your slogan.

Another idea is to play with taglines in one or two rows, or even above the logo symbol. And if you are feeling creative you can even have additional texts like the establishment date or phone number in your logo.

Once done, download logo vector files to enjoy your brand new company logo for your business, website or app.

Alternatively, you can choose to create your own logo without symbols. We have a variety of alphabet letter logos.

How much does a logo costs?

A logo can cost anywhere between zero to thousands of dollars depending on your brand requirements.

You can use a logo generator tool like or you can engage a professional logo designer to do the job.

When you hire a professional graphic designer for a business logo, it involves a long process of finding the right designer, asking for quotes, and deciding if they have a good understanding of your business to create the perfect logo for your company.

Once you have settled on a logo creator you want to work with, then comes the real logo-making process. First off the bat, fill the creative brief with details of your requirements. Then the logo creator carries out research on brand design, industry, and competitors before coming up with a couple of logo concepts.

You might like to make a few changes before the final logo is made. This long logo making process increases your logo concept cost as well as time.

On the other hand, if you use a DIY logo maker software like ours you will be able to make a logo with minimal cost. On our website, you can get a beautifully illustrative template logo for just $37.

Is your logo maker free for all?

It is definitely! Our logo maker is free for use by everyone and anywhere. You can use it anytime you like, from any part of the world, and select any symbol or letter in our database. There is no limitation to using our online logo generator. If you like a design for download, only then you pay. So start using the logo editor tool today!