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Alphabet Letter Logo Templates for Every Industry

A free alphabet logo maker now allows you to add a new dimension to your alphabet logos regardless of the letter you choose to represent your business or organization. Whether it's a swirly letter S logo or an edgy letter E logo, we have them all with a creative twist. You'll love our alphabet logo creator that features tons of inspirational letter logos filled with imaginative and unique design concepts for every type of industry. Make a free alphabet letter logo with our online logo creator by adding colors, adjusting font, and tagline. When you are satisfied with the results then use our powerful and free logo editor to download your logo files. Get started with our free alphabet letter logo generator now!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Alphabets Logos

Should I use letter logos instead of symbols?

Some of the most famous brands of the world use letter logos instead of symbols. Examples include IBM, UPS, CK, KFC, and more. Even so, you should not readily forego your symbol based brand logo without consideration for other options. This is because letter brand logos are only appropriate for certain types of industries and businesses.

Instead of symbolic logos we recommend letter logos for solopreneurs who are venturing into the business for the first time and want to use their names for branding such as for consultants, coaches, artists' logos and so on.

Having said that, logo designs with 2 or 3 letters variety are often used by companies which are established in their industry, and are acronyms of the long brand names such as in pharmaceutical company logos (E.g. GSK); accounting or finance firm logos (PWC); or legal firm logos (CMS).

Whether you want to use a single alphabet or 3 letters logo design is up to you but it's a good thing to check out your industry trend before diving into it.

How to create letter logos without symbols?

To start off, select the alphabet letter that you want to use as your logo design barring the fact you don't want to use symbols in your design.

Next, decide on a font that will help create a unique letter logo, and the color you prefer for your brand. Once you have decided on these, move on to the designing phase.

To make your own letter logo design, you can either use Adobe Illustrator to dabble around with the letter or you could use's alphabet logo maker to browse through thousands of letter logos for inspiration. The positive thing about using a logo maker is that, you can easily select your letter logo template and start customizing to make your own letter logo.

Once you’re done, just download for use.

The hard way though, is to hire a graphic designer who will take some time to create your custom logo.

Both options however result in a unique letter logo for your brand.

Which is the most frequently used alphabet letter logo design?

A search in Google shows, not surprisingly, that letter A logos are the most frequently used in alphabet logo designs. However, that does not mean the rest of the A to Z letter logos are not used.

Some of the other popular alphabet logos include C letter logos as well as D, E, and G letter logo designs, etc. You can even try double or triple letter logos like AA, AB, or CK, etc. to make your design stand out from the crowd. There are tricks for these types of designs which you can learn from our design tutorials.

Does your logo maker provide free alphabet logo images?

Of course! Our logo maker tool features free alphabet logo images which can be selected and downloaded as brand logos as they are.

However, if you are looking for inspiration, feel free to browse through our database to get tons of alphabet logo design ideas.

And if you want like an alphabet logo for your brand, you can select and add your unique blend of color, font or text preferences. Our dynamic logo creator allows you to do that too, for free. You can even add a variety of effects to the alphabet logo template such as shine, opacity, overlay and additional shapes, like a star icon, if you like.

You can download the images for free too. It’s only when you require high-resolution files that you will be prompted to pay a nominal price for the alphabet logo vector files.

How many letters should I use in my alphabet logo?

There is no restriction on how many letters you should use in your alphabet logo design.

A solopreneur would best go with a single letter, especially consultants, startups, personal brand, coach or political leader logos.

On the other hand, a group of professionals looking for a brand identity like lawyers, engineers, interior decorator, fashion designer or architect logos would do well with 3 letter logos or more.