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Let your communication and media brand speak loud and clear with a dynamite media logo design from our fast media logo creator. Now you don’t have to hire a graphic designer to get a professional TV logo , broadcast, channel, publicity company, media production or social media brand. Our free logo generator makes it for you so you don’t have to go anywhere else. Select from thousands of communication logos or media icons such as radio logo , loudspeaker, TV, microphone, or newspaper logo , and customize to create a brand identity you can be proud of. Our free logo creator is extremely easy and fast. Download your logo design in minutes, for free! Try it today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Communication & Media Logos

What are the different ways to get communication logo designs for free?

Depending on your design budget and business requirements, there are four ways you can get a communication logo design for your brand.

  • Hire a graphic designer
  • Start a logo design contest
  • Browse graphic stock websites
  • Use online logo makers

While none of the options are completely free, using the online logo maker is the most budget-friendly choice that gives you the most value for your money.

Searching through the industry list, you are able to view a long list of communication logo images and broaden your horizons about the different kinds of communication and media logo ideas. If you already have a specific design in mind, simply use the search phrase in the search bar and see the gallery show you a list of relevant communication arts logo concepts.

What symbols can I use in my news media logo design?

As a news media business owner, you're well aware about the important role a representative logo plays in the growth of a brand. While lettermark and wordmark logos are the most popular choices for news media logo designs – BBC, CNN, and MSNBC – some brands do opt for symbols.

Depending on your niche, try looking for media logo symbols that have an instant connection to the news media. Icons such as letters incorporated with speech bubbles, digital power buttons, and globe icons etc. could be the most appropriate choices.

If you do decide to go for lettermark media logos, pay close attention to typography as it’s the most fundamental feature of text-based logos.

Can I get free media logo samples from your online logo maker?

Of course! Our online logo design gallery has a huge number of free media logo samples for you to choose from. From advertising logos featuring powerful alphabet letter logo designs, and from professional TV logo templates to modern social media logos – our graphic designers have created it all.

Browsing our awesome media logo designs gallery doesn't cost a thing here. With an easy and fast logo maker tool at your service, you can also pick, choose, and edit as many designs as you like – without paying anything. The only time you are charged a fee is when you finalize a media business logo as your brand image and want to download it for business use.

How can I download my social media logo vector file?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply select a template for your social media logo. Go to the customization panel to customize and modify the design as per your branding needs. Once done, click on the Download button to get your social media logo vector downloaded in minutes!

The logo file will be sent to you in a number of high-res digital file formats. These formats include .PDF, .JPEG, .JPG, and .SVG – not to mention your very own social media logo png which makes the use of your logo file infinitely convenient over a number of marketing assets.

For a complete list of file formats available, please visit our How It Works section.

How does a communication logo differ from a media logo?

A communication logo design is not vastly different from a media logo as both represent the same industry. However, some subtle differences between the two classify them apart.

Now, equipped with this newfound design knowledge, head over to our logo gallery right now and start creating your very own media or communication logo design.