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Sleek Internet Logo Design Templates for Your Business

Whether your Internet company offers broadband service, video streaming, cloud storage, or network administration, our internet company logo maker has got just the right symbol for you. Check out circuit logos, cloud brain, communication tower, computer, shield, and plenty of more internet company logo designs for inspiration. What’s more, you can select any of these free technology logos and make them your own by customizing them to your style and branding using our fast and free Internet logo creator. Edit in minutes, download instantly Internet logo vector file formats fit for any type of print, digital or use for internet. With our internet logo generator you can customize your logo with different effects, colors, tools and more. Try our free logo maker today!

3 Steps to Create an Internet Logo Online


1. Select a Symbol

Want to create an innovative internet logo for your internet company? Type in your business name, sit back and let our logo maker display hundreds of ISP logo design templates related to your business. Grab an internet business logo you like and move on to tailoring it to your liking.


2. Customize

With a captivating internet company logo template in hand, now time to make some creative changes so it reflects your brand persona. Some ways to do that is to use different color combinations, font pairings, and shapes like text art, decorative symbols, or lines. Adjust layouts to create an appealing internet logo.


3. Download

After you have designed a logo for your internet service company with descriptive imagery, download it from our logo maker. You can easily get your logo design in PDF, JPEG, and PNG files. Get the feedback from your clients or colleagues to ensure you’ve got a internet memorable logo design, and then start using it as the face of your brand.


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Successful Internet Company Logo Factors

Logo Symbol

Logo Symbolism

The IT and the tech industry are moving so fast, that’s why you need a flexible internet company logo that is both modern and adaptable to these innovations. To make your brand symbol relevant, use the cyberspace icons that add meaning to your internet logo. Symbols like a laptop, WiFi signal, tech wires, computer nodes, ethernet cable, circuit wires inside a cloud, speech bubble, USB icons, globes, bulbs, and wire inside human head, can be good choices for your Internet brand image.

Color Palette

Color Combinations

In color psychology, gray is used to convey balance, calm, and reliability. Blue communicates trust, confidence, and expertise. Red showcases confidence and courage. Bright hues like green, yellow, or orange highlight optimism and out-of-the-box thinking. All these color palettes can work for your internet service logo. When you add gradients you create depth and make it more modern looking. Some internet logos also utilize negative white spaces to convey double meanings with colors.

Font Choice

Selecting Typeface

For a cutting-edge internet logo design, professional designers usually use sans serif fonts such as Qualy, Inter Sans, Code Next, or Titillium Web typeface for company name. You can also experiment with different font sizes– a thicker font for your company name to make it stand out and a thin contemporary font for the slogan. The use of futuristic typefaces in an internet company logo also gives the impression that your organization is forward thinking, progressive, and stays abreast with modern technologies.

Design Layout

Design Layout

When designing an internet firm logo, think about how you can make it more appealing on the web and other digital platforms. Start with a simple design just your company symbol and text. Customize it according to popular layouts like text in a rectangular bar, symbol inside an oval shape, just a wordmark, or a lettermark. Then try adding word spacing to make the text or the logomark stand out. This way your target audience can easily recall your internet company name. Only finalize your logo after testing it for memorability, appeal and adaptability.

Design Layout

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Frequently Asked Questions About Internet Logos

What does an Internet logo maker do?

An Internet logo maker is basically a free online logo software that features thousands of professionally designed logos that are ready for use and download.

Some Internet logo makers charge you for using them while others like do not. You can use it to browse Internet logo designs for ideas to design your own logo, inspirations for your internet company logo or to create one instantly.

The best thing about a logo maker is that you can use it to pick an Internet logo image, customize it and download it in the comfort of your own home in minutes, for free even.

Try it now!

Where to find the best Wi-Fi logos online?

You can find the best Wi-Fi logos online by browsing through online logo makers like where you can find tons of Internet logo symbols of circuit, satellite or even cloud internet logo designs.

Alternatively, you can hire an experienced graphic designer who is versatile and specialist in this field. They will be able to provide you with outstanding custom logo design that will match exactly to your Wifi logo needs. And you needn't go far for that; we have a panel of expert logo designers on board who can help you with this. Just contact us.

How can I design a browser logo using your logo maker?

Starting an Internet company and need to quickly get a browser logo? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you are looking for a browser logo design for your browser extension, app or browser itself, we have tons of internet logo samples for you to choose from.

From magnifying glass symbols to computer mouse cursor, arrow icons and at the rate sign @, as well as cloud with plane symbols, cable graphics, and more.

Just browse through our fast and easy logo maker to get your browser logo design concept.

Can I really download a cyber cafe logo for free?

Yes, definitely! You can get any cyber cafe logo for free when you use our free logo maker tool.

All you have to do is browse through our database, pick up a symbol that best match your cyber cafe logo idea such as a coffee cup with @ sign, computer with coffee cup symbol or even a steaming mug with circuitry graphics.

Once you decide on a symbol, the rest is all about adding your cyber cafe name, slogan and modifying colors. Ready for download standard size logo.

You can even download high resolution files by paying a nominal amount.

Do you have computer center logo designs?

Definitely! At you will find a variety of computer center logo designs that serve all types of computer store, repair shop or even computer parts shop branding.

Whether you’re looking for laptop symbols, desktop, mouse, pixels, or tools logos we have all types of electronic logos to represent your computer center

Browse through our vast gallery to get inspired by our outstanding and attractive computer center logos that are guaranteed to get your center stand out from the crowd.