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How to Fight ADHD When You're a Graphic Designer

Learning to live with ADHD is tough as it is. As a graphic designer with ADHD you want to be able to at least work and succeed in completing projects on time. What to do when you are constantly distracted? Don’t worry, we have just the solution for you. Here are practical tips that will help you through the day and beyond.

How Visual Designs Stimulate Cognition and Positive Emotions Among Children with Autism

Extensive research on autism has been done in the past, more is being conducted even as this is written, and untold numbers of studies and papers will be released in the future as we seek to understand ever more about this complicated condition.

How Learning Graphic Design May Help Kids with Dyslexia

In today’s world, dyslexia is seen as a growing problem without a direct solution. A specific learning difficulty, it can greatly impact the ability of a child to learn effectively, as it affects such skills as reading and writing. It is also increasingly common.