Top Graphic Designs for Black Lives Matter and George Floyd Protests

Top Graphic Designs for #BlackLivesMatter & George Floyd Protests

As designers, we’ve always known the power of visuals. An illustration drawn with the right icon, the deliberate use of colors, impactful typefaces…they all help tell a story. The same is even truer for pictures taken from real life. One such picture surfaced on the Internet recently. A cop in LA with his knee on the neck of George Floyd who kept saying that he couldn’t breathe, until he died.

This senseless, brutal, and indifferent killing of Floyd is the latest in the series of hundreds and thousands of Black murders at the hands of police officers. But this killing is different than perhaps all others. It has sparked a sense of such utter and unending rage in Black communities everywhere that America is effectively going through a decisive resolution.

And as always, graphic design and arts have emerged as resounding and powerful allies of the movement. Since almost always, graphic designers have contributed to adding in the voices of the voiceless. Whether it’s the Black Panther propaganda posters or the most recent ‘I Can’t Breathe’ poster created by Greg Bunbury, the history of the fight against racism includes stories of encouragement, representation, and communication through graphic design.

So here is a small tribute from our whole team, in honor of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and countless others who have lost lives at the hands of police brutality and systematic racism. As a graphic design company, we bring to you a selection of designs, arts, and moments from the revolution that Floyd’s murder has sparked. Some of it is healing, some of it challenging, while there may be some that are downright rough. But as socially-focused graphic designer Greg Bunbury puts it, “If I can put three words and make people visibly uncomfortable then I’m doing my job”.

Using Social Media to Populate Messages of Unity and Power

Social media is a thriving place where designers are coming together in support of #BlackLivesMatter. This support has been in the form of opening doors for African American artists as well as designing pieces that share the raw emotion being felt due to what’s happening.

They have created works that challenge us, stir us, inform us, encourage us, and heal us. With graphic design no longer a mere visual communication tool, thanks to social media, these works of art are shaping to help and mobilize a cause.

Igniting the Instagram:

Greg Bunbury:

Bunbury, a London-based designer, first gained widespread fame in 2014 when he designed a creative and simple graphic to honor the brutal killing of Eric Garner who died at the hands of a policeman who had grabbed him in a fatal chokehold with Garner repeatedly pleading ‘I can’t breathe’. He said it 11 times and eventually died.

Bunbury used these powerful and emotional last words, and on a dark red background repeated them 11 times. The last line in the graphic fades in the end, suggesting the end of life.

He recently updated his graphic in honor of George Floyd who also died saying ‘I can’t breathe’.

I can't breathe

Such powerful and emotionally raw graphics make you wonder: how many Black people will have to say it before the pressure around their necks and existences is lifted?

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I’m not very good at explaining my emotions with words, that's why I chose art for living😂 . . These days I’m trying to read a lot and watch everything on this topic, learn more. A couple of phrases inspired me to make this work.. . . I didn’t think that in the 21st century there will still be someone who judge people by their appearance, religion, and social status. We need to start working on ourselves, on our actions, on words that could hurt someone. . . It will be especially difficult to people coming from post-Soviet space I guess (I will write a separate post about this one day) But hope that one day we (or maybe our descendants) will wake up in the world without racism! . . "Treat everyone the way you want to be treated" that's all . Have a Koal day🙏🏻 . . . #photoshopillustration #digitalportraits #artclubseven #digital_paint #blacklivesmatter✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 #blacklivesmatter🖤 #artclub4you #helpart #blacklivesmatterart #artgiants #digitalink #artby #blacklivesmattermovement #blacklivesmattertoo #artfrance

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Hippy Movement

“Use the momentum!”

Coffee Table Coven Magazine

“Talk about racism. Talk about how it is real, how it exists, and how it is the reason behind all this.”

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#Repost ・・・ ✋🏻 It’s hard to talk about it for the fear of saying something wrong. That’s the exact reason why it should be talked about more, because through trial and error is how we grow. Talk about racism. Talk about how it is real, how it exists, and how it is the reason behind all this. ⁣ ⁣ ✋🏼George Floyd did not die because he was resisting arrest and underlying health conditions, in fact none of the tapes showed him being erratic like the media releases have stated. He died because of racism and he is not the only one.⁣ ⁣ ✋🏽Racism has evolved throughout the decades in the US, but one thing has remained constant: it has always been the reason why Black people fear for their survival every time they get pulled over, go out on a jog, and simply exist in America.⁣ ⁣ ✋🏾If you’re tired of hearing about racism, because it makes you uncomfortable, drained, and nervous, first understand why you feel this way. Address it in your core, because then it can be addressed in America’s core. ⁣ ⁣ ✋🏿 As non-Blacks, we have the responsibility to help this movement stay heard. Ignorance is not bliss, ignorance is failure. ⁣ ⁣ #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatter✊🏾 #blacklivesmatters #blm #racism #witchesagainstwhitesupremecy #witchesagainstoppression #witchesagainstracism

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Sole Prints

”Together we can make a change, now is the time to.”

Nanny Kimbo

Dilly Gill

“Allyship is not just a week of sharing and posting on Instagram. It’s a lifetime commitment to educating yourself, understanding criticism, and doing your research and listening.”

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Allyship is not just a week of sharing and posting on Instagram. It’s a lifetime commitment to educating yourself, understanding criticism, and doing your research and listening. Which is something I will continue to do, firstly I have the privilege to educate myself on the history of black culture, educate my children and educate the people I surround myself with• If you are white, you inherently benefit from institutionalised racism, and with that knowledge it is our time to speak for those who are to tired to carry on fighting for their lives and voices to be heard after years of oppression and mistreatment. I will never truly understand the daily backlash of having dark skin in society, but I fucking empathise and I am honoured to shout for you• This movement has become the largest in world history, and that is pretty fucking amazing. Everyone should be proactively ANTI-RACIST. Trust me now, we will win• #blacklivesmatter #whitesilenceisviolence #antiracism MANCHESTER: Piccadilly Gardens - 6th June 1pm

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Every Two Minutes

“Black trans lives matter.”

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Black Trans Lives Matter 🖤

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Philip Slein

“Trumpism is racism.”

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⠀ Trumpism Is Racism ⠀ History is going to send this guy into a buzz saw. As of today you have 146 days to decide to reject Trumpism and save yourself from historical oblivion. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #politicalcartoon #blm #blacklivesmatter #editorialcartoon #politicalcartoons #racism #racisminamerica #dumptrump #endracism #fucktrump #politicalart #protest #protesters #realchange #illustration #politicalmemes #stopracism #trumpism #endhate #stophate #notmypresident #newyorkercartoons @wefuckinghatedonaldtrump @newyorkercartoons @newyorkerart #trump💩 #illustrationartists #cartoonist #voteblue #georgefloyd #voteblue2020 #historyinthemaking #changeiscoming @stltoday @riverfronttimes @stlouisamerican @thanksalotdon @secretarycarson

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Aisha Branch

“My daddy changed the world!”

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“My daddy changed the World!!” - GiGi, #georgefloyd ‘s daughter. When I initially saw the video and post by @_stak5_ I was filled with joy thinking how this young girl will remember her daddy... he changed the world. I was equally saddened by the reminder that these protests even have to happen because racism is still alive in the hearts of many and her father fell victim to the systemic racism that is ever so present. I can only pray that enough is enough and through the action taken for equality and justice, the world truly will be changed and systemic racism will fall. #justiceforfloyd #justiceforgeorgefloyd #justiceforbreonnataylor #justiceforahmaudarbery #fightforjustice #mydaddychangedtheworld #equalityforall #beautyineveryshade

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Just Don’t Stop!

Resist, rebel, rage

Image: Behance

From the Ashes We Will Rise

I can't breathe 2

Image: Behance

Face Them Off

Black lives matter banner

Image: Behance

Threaten it Even More!

The white supermacy

Image: Behance

MLK vs. Trump

Donald Trump

Image: Pinterest

Because Your Race Gives You That Privilege

I don't see race

Image: Pinterest

No Justice? No Peace.

There is no justice for the people

Image: Tumblr

People Can Learn to Love

Racism has no end

Image: Dribbble

The Language of Riot

A riot is the language of the unheard

Image: Dribbble

Skin Color is Not a Threat

I'm not a threat>
						<p class=Image: Dribbble

Add Your Voice:

As a designer, your role is not of a mere drawing artist anymore. This is a time to reflect, become inspired, and express. Let your art and skill become a tool for the allies in this crucial time in history. While the #BlackLivesMatter movement needs to be led by those who have been impacted by the lack of it the most, as a visual artist, it is your responsibility to add your voice to the chants, break the chain of systematic brutality targeting certain races, inspire policy changes, and change America forever.

Reviewed by: Zaheer Dodhia

CEO and Founder