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Professional Towing & Tow Truck Logo Vectors

Grab onto one of our outstanding towing logo for your business and beat your competition in no time. We have tons of free logo designs to offer you from outline of a tow truck logo, logo of a car being towed away, silhouette of a tow hook, an illustration of a tow car and many more. Pick a free logo template to get started on your towing company logo right away, and download instantly. Easy and affordable, guaranteed!

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Frequently Asked Questions Towing

Which type of towing company logo design is fit for my business?

There are so many kinds of towing logo designs that you can choose from for your company. Such as:

a) those featuring a tow truck icon,

b) those featuring a tow truck with the business name, and

c) ones with hook symbols along with the business name.

Though there is a variety of design styles available for your towing company logo, go for simple designs. Look for layouts and fonts that are straight-forward, and colors that’ll add a professional appeal to your towing logo.

A simple logo makes it easy for people to remember it. So, ensure that your tow truck company logo is designed simply using this approach.

Do you offer tow truck logo vectors that I can use?

You bet! In fact, tow truck logo vectors are some of the most popular choices among businesses. You’ll find colored as well as black-and-white vectors in a variety of designs.

To browse through our tow truck vectors for free, just type your search phrase into the search box and the logo gallery will show you hundreds of designs to browse. When you like a design, simply click on it and then press the ‘Edit and Download’ button. It’ll take you to our design studio. There, you can use our top design effects to turn the logo vector into your perfect towing truck logo.

Where to find the best towing truck logos for free?

There are three main resources that can help you with free vectors of towing truck logos:

  • Stock photo sites
  • Online logo makers
  • Logo design contests

Of these resources, online logo makers like offer the most affordable way to get professional towing truck logo vectors.

You get to browse through hundreds and thousands of logo designs at no charge whatsoever. You can also select multiple templates and customize them according to your needs. You only pay for hi-res design files while the rest of towing truck logo vectors are completely free to download.

What symbols are best for a towing company logo?

Symbols that our designers recommend for a towing company logo are flatbed tow trucks, crane hooks, heavy trailer and shield logos, among others.

Reason being, these images are instantly recognizable as having something to do with trucking and towing. Symbol-based logos that are simple make a brand more easily recognizable. Wordmarks can also be used for tow truck logo designs and you can also choose your brand letters to display as your logo.

To look at the complete collection of our latest towing logos, click here.

What kind of tow truck images do you guys have?

Our online logo gallery hosts a variety of tow truck images that are ready to be used for business and branding purposes. All our designs are created by professional designers so you always get the best quality.

These images include the logo of a car being towed away, an illustration of a truck logo silhouette of a tow hook, and many more. Such images provide instant recognition to the business. Customizing the logo helps you make it more suitable for your business and design needs and increases your brand awareness