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Create a judge logo using our free logo maker in no time! Our judge logos are in high demand among businesses specializing in legal services, and searching for law firm logo designs, notary public providers, paralegal professionals, and court record keepers. Our free logo creator will help you find exactly what you are looking for, such as an image of a courthouse logo in a circle, scale of justice logo symbol in a circle, or a justice gavel logo hitting a round sound block! Give it a try, free!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Judge

Will a judge logo be a suitable choice for my law firm branding?

Absolutely. A judge logo is a perfect choice to create branding for a law firm, an attorney office, or any other legal related business. It adds credibility to the judge office or law firm and allows people to perceive what the judge logo design is all about without any difficulty.

Moreover, at LogoDesign.Net, we offer extensive branding packages to help our clients create strategized branding. Apart from judge logos, we also offer web design and development, business card printing, social media header designs, t-shirt, and other marketing material designs, and so much more through our custom graphic design services.

Can I customize my judge logo image with a new icon?

Yes, using our fast and easy logo creator, you can make all these changes to your judge logo image to personalize your design.

You can add a new icon, replace the old one, even work on the design grid to create something new if you are knowledgeable about graphic design. Additionally, you can also change fonts, colors, and other effects of your judge court logo to make the design more to your liking. All of these design changes cost nothing extra. So, you can keep editing your judge logo design until you have created something that fits your brand perfectly.

How to make a civil judge logo look unique?

Personalizing your civil judge logo is one way to add uniqueness to your brand identity. You can select a professional font, change a color tha is sober and demonstrate trust, and even add more graphics to your civil logo design to make it look elegant.

In our logo design studio you can achieve all that. When you shortlist a few logo designs that you want to work on, click on the Edit & Download button to enter our customization panel. Here, you can add several personal touches to our premade judge logo templates. You can change the color of the logo, add shapes like shield logo or lady justice graphic, add a new font, introduce a tagline, and also add other design effects such as shadow or shine.

By focusing on these slight details, you can create a unique look for your civil judge logo and bring it closer to your brand idea.

Why are all judge court logos in brown or beige colors?

Usually, judge court logos use subtler shades of neutral colors such as brown, beige, grey and similar to make the design look elegant and professional.

While these colors have always been a popular choice for judge or courthouse logos, newer trends are emerging that support brighter colors. We now often see gold or metallic judge logos or ones in blue and white colors. Red is also becoming a popular color in law logo designs.

So feel free to use any of these colors in your judge logo designs, but avoid colors like yellow and orange, etc.. Such bright colors run the risk of making the design look somewhat casual and hence won’t suit a profession of a civil court judge.

Are your judge logo designs royalty-free?

For a royalty-free judge logo design, we recommend you using our premium logo design services. Our custom logo design packages will allow you to have a one-of-a-kind personalized design that nobody will have used before.

These unique designs will cost you a little bit more but will be a more suitable choice as your judge’s office logo if you are looking for royalty-free designs. All the judge logo templates available in our design database come with copyright limitations. And while you can use these designs anywhere you like, remember to credit the original designer, if you are using a free judge logo from our gallery. For more details, check our Terms and Conditions.