Variety of Grocery Store Logos

Show off your healthy offerings with an illustrative grocery store logo on your doorway, signboard or packaging. Whether your business is a grocery chain, organic grocery store, superfood store, or hyper-mart, you’ll find every kind of grocery shop image available for free to match your needs including a convenience store logo. With our fast and free DIY logo maker tool you can customize and download your grocery shop logo design in minutes whether you are looking to brand your grocery store logo with an image of shopping cart full of fresh vegetable symbol, a basket of healthy fruit symbols, brown bag stuffed with bread and grocery items, or abstract produce. Try it today!

Frequently Asked Questions Grocery Store

Where can I get tips for designing a grocery store logo?

For a grocery store logo to make an impact, it’s important that it has catchy imagery and a brand name that is easy to remember. It is also crucial to choose brand colors based on psychology and that are attention-grabbing.

Also pay attention to how your logo design would look on different packing materials. Its symbol, color, fonts, all should be completely visible no matter the print material or time of day. Otherwise your grocery shop logo may not be able to make its mark.

So, focus on the smallest of details when it comes to designing your new grocery store logo so you aren’t leaving anything to chance.

What kind of shopping logo images can I use for my logo design?

Images such as shopping bag, shopping cart icon, grocery store baskets with a mobile phone, and similar are fitting as shopping logo images.

However, your exact choice for a shopping logo design would depend on what kind of store you’re running. For example, a grocery store imagery can have pictures of fruits and vegetables while clothing store logos would benefit from a logo featuring shopping bags.

To see what kind of images we have in our logo gallery, just key-in your search term in our search box and find hundreds of professionally designed logo images in an instant.

What do professionals prefer in grocery shop logo colors?

It isn’t necessary. Though there are colors that are mostly associated with grocery shop logos. For example, you’ll often see grocery shop vectors featuring red and green colors to represent fruits and vegetables.

This is why not only local stores but big grocery brands such as Whole Foods go with green and red in their grocery store logo design. But don’t feel restricted by just the popular colors. You can pick other colors like orange, purple, and yellow to be used in your logo for a grocery shop without hurting its professional look.

For more ideas on logo colors, take a look at our grocery store logo gallery.

Where to find the best mini-mart logo ideas?

It largely depends on your personal choice as well your design budget where you go to look for minimart logo ideas as well as supermarket logos for inspiration. However, three options are the most popular among businesses - logo maker tool, custom graphic designers and design contests.

Though each of these options provide you something of value when it comes to your mini-mart logo design, not all are budget-friendly for all people. So for the biggest value for the money, the online logo maker software appears as the most affordable choice of all.

So use a supermarket logos for inspiration to freely browse through our extensive logo collection and create a brilliant minimart logo without blowing your budget.

How can I add a slogan to my online grocery store logo?

Once you have finalized an online grocery store logo, adding a slogan is no big deal. With our design studio, you can not only add slogans but do a whole bunch of other design changes, too. To do that, simply click on the general store logo that you like to view in a larger size. The new window will include an ‘Edit & Download’ button. Click on that button to enter the customization panel. There, using the text options, you can add slogans, change font styles and experiment with size to see how it all looks.

Once you add and format the slogan, simply click on save, and you’re ready for download.