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Snip away the old look, and bring in a brand new look with a hip barber shop logo. We offer trendy and modern barber shop logos that will be a great fit for your business brand image. Select from free barber logo samples of a side profile of a man with mustache logo to open shaving razor, vintage image of hipster with stylish haircut logo, scissors snipping hair, comb and many more. Just pick a symbol, personalize your barber shop logo for free, and download in minutes! Get started now!

Frequently Asked Questions Barber Shop

How do I make a barber logo?

There are a number of ways you can create a professional barber logo, such as graphic stock sites, hiring a graphic designer for a custom logo or using a logo design contest site. But the easiest and most affordable option is using an online logo maker, like

To use our logo maker services, simply add your company name and search for best images for a barber logo. You will see a huge list of logo templates from which you can choose your favorite logo designs for your barber shop. Then just add a tagline and edit the image as per your design needs using our customization panel.

Once you’re done, just click on the Download button and you’ve got your logo

Where can I find great barber shop logo ideas?

Your competitors, the wider barber market, and the ongoing trends in the market will all help you with getting awesome barber shop logo ideas. You can also check out websites where designers share their work such as Behance or Dribbble.

Additionally, logo maker tools such as contain a huge variety of barber shop logo designs that can inspire you. Choose from barber shop poles, barber shop tools, scissors, or fashionable hipster images as your barber shop brand logo.

For the complete variety of which symbols and icons will suit your new barber shop imagery, visit our logos gallery now.

Do you have images for barber shop logo designing?

Of course. Start your barber shop logo designing process by taking a look at our extensive variety of professionally-designed logo templates. Any of the designs you choose will lend your barber shop a unique look and identity.

The popular barber shop logos that our clients like include mustache and beard logos, barber shop tools such as scissors and combs, and hipsters with fashionable buns. Wordmark and lettermark logos are also popular choices. You can find these logos in designs such as 3D, modern, contemporary, minimalist, and in tens of other ways.

Find more images and icons by entering ‘barber’ in the search box in our logo gallery.

Do you offer download of barber shop logo PNG files?

Absolutely. And in addition to your barber shop logo PNG files, you can also get them in lots of other file formats, including JPEG, SVG, JPG, and PDF etc.

We provide a big variety of file formats for our barber shop vectors to ensure that our clients can instantly use their logo for all kinds of marketing purposes. These may include advertising, or using them on marketing materials, or on office stationery, or even on social media.

After you finalize your design and press the Download button, you can get your logo file in all the formats we offer.

Are there any specific fonts I should use in my barber shop logo?

All barber shops have different environments and specific niche clients. Depending on these factors and your personal choice, you can use different types of fonts for your barber shop logo.

The barber shop logo designs in our gallery use a similar approach with different styles of fonts. For example, if a barber logo design features a hipster and a fashionable man, the accompanied logo may be in Passion One or Teko font. Or if the logo uses the barber shop pole, Monsterrat can be a good font choice. Africaans, Subway, and Federal Service are all good choices for barber shop logo fonts for your company name and slogan.