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Chic Hair Salon Logo Collection for Instant Download

Snip away the old brand image, and get a brand new hair salon brand logo today. Use our free logo creator to browse through hundreds of hair salon logos of different variety including gent’s hair salon logo and feminine logos. Select your favorite hair salon logo whether it is a hair braiding logo image, woman’s silhouette symbol , haircut graphics, scissors, comb, hair icons or a hipster logofor men’s hair salon branding. Once you have selected a free hair studio logo template, move on to our powerful studio to customize your design template through font, color, text or add more shape to make a stunning hair salon logo for your establishment. And if you’re looking for barber shop logos or even beauty salon logos then we have those too. Get started now!

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Salon Logos

How do I make my hair salon logo stand out?

With striking colors, a bold image, and a unique design, you can make your hair salon brand stand out from the rest. Our high-quality, professionally designed logo images can help you do that.

Just start searching for the best hair salon logos from our app right now. We have thousands of original images to help you brand your business effectively and uniquely. Once you have chosen your image, our top-of-the-class customization studio is also available to further help you out. Using the tool, you can edit and change the design as much as you want till it hits all your check-boxes.

For the complete variety of hair salon logo designs, visit our gallery now.

Can I get free hair salon logos from your app?

Of course, you can. We have a large variety of free hair salon logos in our gallery. All you have to do is start your search and look for the design that speaks to you the most.

The reason we offer free business logo designs to our clients is to make sure that businesses that do not have a lot of design budget can still have a distinct logo that can start them on the path of branding their business. In addition to completely free designs, our hair logos are also available in a wider variety of formats and hi-res quality by paying a nominal fee.

The ‘Checkout’ page at the end of the logo design process contains all the payment package details for your review.

Is a braid logo a good choice for hair salon business?

A braid logo is a wonderful choice for a hair salon business because it looks neat and put-together, hence sending a message of professional aesthetics. Not only that, it also stands out from a lot of logo images with open hair, flowing about.

The braid icon looks even more perfect a natural hair logo salon to send a message of authenticity and to tell clients that you have professionals who know how to work with curly or natural hairs. These kinds of representative icons always elevate a logo design and make it distinct.

What color should my hair stylist logo be?

It is a question of your personal choice as well as the unique brand message you’re hoping to send through your hair stylist logo. Most modern hair salons go for a classic black and white logo to seem high-end, projecting a sense of finesse and sophistication.

However, depending on the unique logo image you’ve chosen, your hair stylist logo design can be of any color. For example, a girl’s head image with beautiful hair flowing can be blonde, black or brown, something neutral for the face, and so on. You can also have rainbow colors to decorate the hair strands illustrated on your logo.

The point is to make sure that the colors you choose must look at home with the hair logo image you’ve chosen and the overall design theme.

What kind of hair logo designs can I find in your gallery?

You can find almost all kinds of hair logo designs that you may be looking for. We have abstract logos, illustrative logos, minimal logo designs, and even designs in 3D.

The best part is, all of our designs are created by trained professionals and are unique and distinct from each other. Therefore, when you choose one of our hair salon logos, you can be assured that it’ll help you make your mark in the market and become a frontline worker in your branding efforts.

Whether you’re looking for men’s salon logo designs, only women’s or are after a more general approach, you’ll find a design that’ll be just right for you.