How to Use Logos in the Business World

Logos and the Use in the Business World

If you are driving down the street, you see it. If you watch television, you see it. If you are online or reading any written publication, you see it. What is it you see? A logo!

So, what exactly is a logo? According to a logo can be described as a "recognizable and distinctive graphic design, stylized name, unique symbol, or other device for identifying an organization." A logo can be vital in being recognized by consumers. A good, well thought out logo, can help make a business become successful.

While when we think of a logo, we generally think of our modern logos. Logos such as the McDonald's arch, the shell of the Shell Oil Company and the oval of the Ford Motor Company are familiar to just about everyone and will immediately identify the company to consumers. This is the perfect example of why logos are created and why they are important. However, simple logos have a long history and can date as far back as the middle ages when businesses put symbols on signs to help identify them to the public. From a simple idea, logos and logo design have evolved into an important part of business planning.

Today logos are used in a variety of manners. Consumers see them on signage at the businesses. They are found in print, online and television advertising. They are even used in communication manners by businesses to consumers. In fact, in just about every manner that consumers can be reached by businesses, a logo is used.

Designing a logo takes a certain talent. When designing a logo many factors go into the creation. They include selecting the correct color, how to represent the company in the logo, selecting the right font and how the logo can be incorporated into the business. Designing the proper logo can help a business be recognized, help build a brand and ultimately lead to business success.

We hope this information helps you learn more about the history and uses of the logo in the business world.

Reviewed by: Zaheer Dodhia

CEO and Founder