Downloadable Hunting Logos

Your search for an illustrative hunting logo stops right here at where you’ll find unlimited deer logo templates buck, antler deer as well as bear logos, ducks, fish, dog, pheasant, eagle logo designs and more. Whether you’re a hunting tour guide, apparel and equipment supplier, hunting club, reserve office, or hunting lodge owner you’ll find our free logo generator a great asset for creating your hunting company logo. Just select a symbol, add your company or tagline, and adjust colors like brown, beige, orange or yellow for free, and create a dynamite hunting logo!

Frequently Asked Questions about Hunting

What are the key elements of a good hunting logo?

There are three key elements of a good hunting logo.

- Suitable icons

- Appropriate colors

- Harmonizing fonts

For these three elements to come together and work for the hunting brand logo, it is important that they present a unified picture and must complement each other. For that to happen, each element must be perfect in its own right. For example, wildlife icons, hunter in target symbol with gun, or deer stag in a meadow logo are perfect as hunting logo images. Nature colors such as green, brown, and sunset oranges are usually preferred, with bold-looking fonts like Anton or Bevan to keep up with the “rough and tough” imagery.

Is a deer hunting logo a good symbol for a hunting goods store?

Choosing a deer hunting logo for a hunting goods store can be a good idea in terms of instant recognition and relevance it provides. However, since a logo will need to go on your storefront, too, a more business-friendly option would be to simply choose a deer logo pictured in a meadow or a field background.

You can also consider going without an animal altogether in your logo. Such designs can be the smartest choices for a hunting logo as animals with weapon icons in the same image may not sit well with young pedestrians passing by your store. As a smart entrepreneur, think of using icons such as flying ducks, target symbol, or arrows and target icons.

What images do you recommend for a hunting club logo?

For a hunting club logo, your choices are endless. Some of the highly recommended hunting club logo images from our designers consist of archery logos if you run an archery club; revolver logos with targets; shooting line icons, shotgun logos, and similar others consisting of weapons and arms.

Since a hunting club is a place for like-minded people to come together, keep your target audience (or intended target audience) in mind when you are designing your hunting club logo image. The size of your club, the facilities you provide, the hunting options or hunting grounds you offer, all these details matter when choosing a hunting club logo template.

Alternatively, you can also choose a wordmark hunting logo for a really cool and modern look.

Can I get a duck hunting logo from your gallery for free?

Absolutely. In addition to duck hunting logos, we also offer hunting imagery featuring different animals such as deers, stags, reindeers, and other wildlife.

To get a free hunting logo, start by choosing a template you want to work with and go from there. Once you’ve chosen your logo template, editing is the next step. You can edit the design by changing colors or fonts, adding your company name or slogan, and even introducing more design effects such as change in alignment, flipping the design, adding shine and gloss, and more.

Once done, simply download your free logo for your duck hunting club instantly.

How to get a custom hunting logo design?

The primary goal of any logo design is to stand out. Therefore, at, we offer affordable design solutions so you can get a custom hunting logo design at a cost you can manage.

To order a custom logo for your hunting brand, log on to our website and click on the ‘Premium Logo’ in the top navigation bar. You’ll be directed to our custom design portfolio page where you can fill in the form for your custom design request. You can also simply check out our pricing packages and order there and then.

Keeping in mind that every business is different from others and has unique needs, our custom design packages are quite varied and tailor-made to suit different startup requirements.