Download Recruitment Agency Logos

Your recruitment agency business can have a brand new look with a smashing recruiting logo using our quick and easy logo maker for free. Take a look at the variety of free recruiting vector logos we have in store for you, from abstract people logos in a magnifying glass to a suitcase logo with buildings, swoosh people with ties in a cloud symbol, tie superimposed in an office pin and more. Just select your favorite symbol, freely edit your logo colors, company name, and font to create your recruiting logo instantly! Best for making consultants logos, outsourcing companies, specialist industry recruiters and more. Try our free logo tool today!

Frequently Asked Questions about Recruitment

How to make a recruitment company logo look professional?

To make your recruitment company logo look professional, pay attention to simplicity. Choose symbols or logo icons that are brand-relevant and simple in their execution. Pick fonts and colors that complement the iconic recruiting company logo and brand, and make the logo design memorable.

As you are designing your recruitment or staffing firm logo, you’ll need to strike a balance between your logo looking inviting and appealing but also professional. Softer shades of colors, Sans Serif typefaces, and organic logo design shapes will help you pull off this feat.

To see all these principles in action, please visit our recruitment logo gallery now to see how professional designs look.

Where to get free recruitment logos online?

There are loads of resources online that’ll give you access to free recruitment logos. Stock image websites, picture galleries, logo design portfolio sites, and online logo makers, etc. contain free graphics that you can use to design your recruitment logo with the least hassle.

However, as a graphic design company, we know what’s at stake when it comes to business logo designs. As a recruitment firm that attracts serious talent, you need to have a logo that’s of impeccable quality and professionally-designed. LogoDesign.Net helps you access hundreds of such recruitment logo templates including employee logos, people logos , briefcase logos, etc. for free, so you can launch your recruitment brand with professional finesse without worrying about the design budget.

How much does a recruitment agency logo design cost?

The cost of a professionally-crafted recruitment agency logo design depends on various factors. These include the designer you’ve hired, the time spent on the process, the details required, and many others.

To make the most of your brand design budget, especially in the initial stages of your business, we recommend using a DIY recruitment logo maker like LogoDesign.Net. Here we have hundreds of professionally-designed logo templates that suit a wide variety of recruitment businesses - big and small. Our custom design studio allows you to personalize your logo design templates by making changes to them, so they are tailored to your recruitment brand. With our affordable logo design rates, we guarantee that you’ll cut costs without harming graphic quality.

Can I use a recruitment logo for my head hunting firm?

Sure, why not. Our professionally-designed recruitment logos are appropriate for several different kinds of employment businesses, including headhunting firms. We also offer these designs to employment agencies, temp agencies, training institutes, and similar others.

If you are on a strict design budget, our DIY logo maker tool will help you create a professional headhunting logo without costing too much. For firms with a more breathing room in their budgets, we offer our premium logo design services. A premium head hunter logo will be designed exclusively for you by our expert logo designers.

Just browse through our pricing plans for more details and find out which package works the best for you.

What kind of icons can I use for recruitment agency logo design?

There is a ton of variety when it comes to recruitment agency logos, and you need to be smart and strategic in your selection.

For example, if you are running a temp agency, your employment business logo can be an abstract person in a suit shooting for stars. On the other hand, for a recruitment agency logo something more muted will be better. It could be a search logo icon with a person in the background, or a person merged with a location pin logo indicating arriving or landing.

So, from the thousands of unique icons available for your recruitment agency logo, go for one that makes the most sense to your specific type of business