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Large Collection of Creative Paint Roller Logo Design Ideas

Tell your customers that quality matters with one of our vibrant paint roller logos, designed for creating home remodeling company logos professional painters, street artists, printing companies, as well as general contractor logo designs, makeup artists, and arts supply stores logos ! Our free logo template library includes many colorful images, such as a paint roller leaving a paint trail in the shape of a city skylines logo, or a paint roller with a paint trail in the shape of a residential house logo template. Get any of these, and more, paint roller logo when you use our free logo maker!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Paint Roller Logos

Can I use a house painting logo for my business?

Depending on what kind of business you’re running, you can surely use a house painting logo to brand it. For example, the business that can benefit from it the most is decorating or home remodeling business.

For such a business, a colorful house painting logo as well as a simple house logo with paint on parts of it can also look quite nice. However, if you have a paint shop or run a paint supply store, you should probably not use a house icon in your logo. Instead, try thinking about a paint brush icon with paint dripping from it or a paint logo in the form of your business name initial

To look at the complete variety of designs, please check out our gallery now.

What kind of retailers can use a paint roller logo?

A paint roller logo is the perfect icon to create branding symbols for painting or printing companies, art supply stores, professional painters, and for home remodeling company logos too.

General contracts, street artists, and even makeup artists can use one or another form of a paint brush logo. Since paint roller logo designs have such vast applications, you’ll find these images with details such as paint drips, color splashes, paint rollers over cityscape, paint roller on paint bucket etc. to create distinct designs.

As you can see, we have an extensive variety of logo designs to help cater to a large market base. So whatever you are looking for, you’ll find a design for it here.

Is a paint roller a good idea for painting and remodelling logos?

A paint roller logo is a great idea for painting and remodelling logos. It signifies repainting the walls which helps the audience connect the symbol to the business. All such designs that have immediate connections to specific industries are good branding icons.

If you are looking for paint roller logo ideas, we also recommend paint logos with a building behind it, paint drops forming a tree with the brush serving as the trunk, or color chalks on a paint roller logo. All these icons are distinct and original enough to help you create a unique design for your remodeling business.

What icons can I include with my paint roller logo?

That depends a lot on the kind of business you are designing the logo for. For example, if it’s a construction and handyman logo, you can pair the paint roller logo with a trowel and hammer.

Similarly, wiper and paint roller icons can be combined for a paint cleaning brand identity. If you run a paint store, you can combine your paint roller with a paint bucket icon for a more detailed logo. So, as you can see, which icons you decide to pair your paint roller symbol with depends on your unique nature of business.

Can I use a paint bucket logo for my construction business?

A paint bucket logo alone for a construction business may not be too direct of a message. Try pairing it with other icons that are associated with the construction industry such as a hammer, shovel, or crane icons and then it may become a complete logo.

If your construction business is more towards the side of remodeling or decorations than actually building the structure, then a paint bucket can work as a good painting contractor logo simply on its own. The point is to make sure that you aren’t sending mixed signals to your audience, therefore, we recommend using a design that people can instantly associate with the kind of services you provide.