All You Need To Know About Animal and Pet Logo Designs

All You Need To Know About Animal and Pet Logo Designs

If you own a pet shop, dog walking, pet grooming, pet food store, animal shelter, pet care business, you need to have a graceful, cuddly, aggressive, elegant, and cute pet logo that will make you stand out from your competition.

You might not be in the pet business, but you need an animal logo that will improve your brand's uniqueness and enhance customer trust.

Before you hire a designer or sit behind your computer working on the perfect design for hours, below is all the information you need to know about animal and pet logos. Read on!

7 Reasons Why You Need a Pet Logo

The pet industry has become highly competitive. There are pet businesses everywhere, and they all provide similar services. If you want to start this kind of business, you need to know from the outset, and you must devise unique ways to stand out and survive in this unforgiving business environment.

Having a pet logo provides you with a strong foundation to build your brand around. Look – humans process images 60,000 times faster than words; thus, having a logo makes your marketing efforts more convenient and effective.

Are you starting a pet business, but you are still not convinced that a logo is one of the core elements of promoting your company? Well, below are some benefits that might make you change your mind;

Having a Pet Logo Shows Professionalism.

Look at successful pet businesses that you know – what do they have in common? Well, apart from being in the same industry, they all have pet logos!

Without a doubt, having a logo will influence how your clients and other stakeholders treat your business. For instance, if you sell aquariums, clients will consider coming to your business if you have a fish shop logo regardless of how simple it is.

Similarly, if you have a chicken farm, people willing to buy chicken produce will see you as a credible business if you have a professional chicken farm logo.

Most people associate having a logo with being an established business. Even if you have had your pet store for over a decade, clients will see it as newly formed if you don’t have a logo, and this might hurt your sales.

A Pet Logo Enhances Brand Recognition

One of the first things people notice in a brand is its logo. If you have a strong, well-designed, and memorable logo, your pet business will stick in people’s minds. As a result, your business will achieve longevity, and you will undoubtedly gain an edge over your competition.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to branding, this saying holds true. Therefore, check various animal logo images for inspiration and create a logo for your business today.

A Pet Logo is Essential in Product Branding

You have a cool pet shop name, and people who have come across it love it! However, getting your brand out there and getting actual clients is not a walk in the park.

Speaking of parks, if you run a zoo or wildlife sanctuary then go for a theme park logo or you can opt for a bear logo, gorilla logo or monkey logo for memorable branding. When you place your animal logo design on merchandise and products that you offer, you will go a long mile in boosting brand trustworthiness and bring in business without spending a fortune on marketing.

You can even provide customers who come to your business with small gifts such as pens with your pet logo on them. The fact that your logo will always be on display reminds them of your business, and this can encourage referrals and repeat business.

A Good Pet Logo Makes You Stand Out

Even if you have the best pet sitting business in the neighborhood, you will not get the success you deserve if you don't stick out of the crowd. Having a good cat sitting logo will attract attention, and this will make your business stand out.

Having a striking pet graphics along with an attractive logo on your social media pages or website can make a significant difference to your reach. Once you have grabbed your audience’s attention, you can then depend on the pet products and services you offer to bring in business.

A Pet Logo is An Informative Piece

The best pet logo communicates to your target market what your business does. Whether you use a traditional design or abstract imagery to create your dog walking logo (or cat), make sure it's simple, concise, and helps customers understand your market sector and how you can help.

A Pet Logo Builds Loyalty

As your veterinary or pet business grows, your logo will become more recognizable. A huge section of your target audience will understand the specific pet services you offer, and this will create a perception that you have a business they can trust. For example a veterinary logo for a clinic will create a look of professionalism versus someone who doesn’t have one to brand their services might have to struggle to convince their target audience.

When you build trust with your customers, brand loyalty will follow automatically. Once clients like your business and how you operate, they will keep coming for more. They might even use your logo to refer others, and this means more business for you!

A Pet Logo Helps Your Marketing Efforts Big Time!

A good pet logo plays an integral part in promoting your business. As you market your business, you make it visible to the world using your logo.

Since your logo will make your business recognizable with time, you will eventually get leads from your marketing efforts, and some of them will convert in no time.

With these benefits, what’s preventing you from having a logo for your pet store or any other pet business you might have? Design one today!

What Colors Should You Use to Design a Pet Logo?

Color is, without a doubt, one of the most important elements of branding. People often make subconscious judgments about the environment, product, or person within 90 seconds. About 62-90% of this assessment is based on color alone. Interesting, huh?

When selecting the color for a pets shop logo design, one of the primary things you should consider is your target audience. You need to keep in mind that a huge cluster of your target market have preferences, and matching those preferences to attain desirable engagement in your marketing is of utmost importance.

Whether you are designing a dog or bird logo for a pet center logo, you need to consider all types of audiences, including women, men, millennials, and generation X, if your primary goal is to make your branding a huge success.

Before coming up with your pet smart logo, however, it makes sense to first understand the impressions and emotions that different colors exude. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Red is an urgent, exciting, and romantic color; hence it is ideal for sports, entertainment, fashion, and food industries.

  • Black is strong, powerful, and credible; hence it’s suited for corporate, construction, and financial institutions.
  • Blue is calming, clean, credible, and focused, and is suitable for legal, tech, and scientific entities.
  • Green is organic, calming, and natural, and is well-suited for science, medical, eco-friendly, and tourism industries.
  • Yellow is energetic, credible, and creative; thus, it is mostly used in entertainment, kids, sports, and hospitality industries.
  • Brown is a known earthly color and is both conservative and traditional. It is mostly used in the pet, ecology, and construction industries.
  • Purple is a mysterious and sensual color that is used in health and spiritual industries.
  • White is a pure and clean color which is mostly used in the dental and medical communities.

Well, the fact that these colors are often used in various industries doesn’t mean that you need to stick to brown when designing or any kind of pet logo.

You can choose any color you feel will evoke the right emotions in your audience's minds as long as you follow these tips.

The lighter, The Better

Look at this page now? What is the first thing you notice?

According to experts, the human eye is always drawn to the lightest thing on a page. Therefore, you most certainly noticed the brightest thing here.

Therefore, when selecting colors for your animal logo design, always go for light/bright colors. Beekeepers logos are the best examples of this light and dark combination. However, you can use dark colors for some elements of your logo to make it more appealing.

Don’t Stick to Primary Palettes

Imagine walking into a store and seeing a pet clothing logo designed using a combination of grass green, bright yellow, royal blue, and bright red colors. How does that look? It’s super-weird, right?

Designing clothing logo for pet apparels using primary colors only can look cheap and childish. Be open-minded and have a large collection to choose from. Remember, your logo is one of the things customers use to make purchase decisions. Avoid mistakes!

Make the Blacks Softer

In case your logo has a white background, don’t use black when inserting the pet shop name or any other text. Instead, try a lighter color such as dark grey since it is softer and gives your audience less eye fatigue. Don’t use colors that will make your clients go ‘ahhhh!’ instead of ‘wow!’

Don’t forget your logo forms an essential part of how potential clients remember your business. Be wise.

Utilize Earth Tones

You remember the feeling exuded by color brown?

Whether you are creating a pet food supplies logo or equestrian logo, don't forget that earth tones will make you stand out! Therefore, use colors wisely, but don't forget to sprinkle some brown and other earthly colors!

Selecting the right colors when designing your pet business logo will help you connect emotionally with your customer, which is your #1 goal in marketing and branding.

For pet and animal logo inspirations, check these logos for examples:

Logo Design Ideas for Your Pet Store

If you have a pet business, you need to know that you are not alone in the market. You are in a jammed industry where only the strongest survive. As such, you need to do things that make your business stick out from the crowd and attract more clients. Having a well-designed logo is one of the ways that can help you develop a unique selling proposition and beat your competition.

Designing a logo that communicates about your business is something you cannot overlook. Doing this will make your branding memorable and effective, and will, without a doubt, attract buyers’ attention.

Below are some ideas that will help you develop an animal clothing logo or pets accessories shop logo that will positively impact buyers’ purchasing decisions.

Look – it doesn’t make sense to go with cat or penguin logo, while you only offer specialty products or services for horses or camels. You will end up creating confusion in your audience’s minds!

When designing your logo, only use icons that represent what you provide. For instance, if you have an aquarium business, use fish aquarium logos. If you sell pig supplies, use pig logos. If you cater for eagles, bears, and owls, use icons that show you take care of exotic pets. In case you provide grooming services for dogs and cats, ensure your logo communicates this!

Creating pet care or pet grooming logos tailored for the specialty products and services you offer will help clients identify what you do from a distance, and this will ultimately boost your sales!

Create a Custom Logo About Pet Products and/or Services You Offer

Look – it doesn’t make sense to go with cat or penguin logo, while you only offer specialty products or services for horses or camels. You will end up creating confusion in your audience’s minds!

When designing your logo, only use icons that represent what you provide. For instance, if you have an aquarium business, use fish aquarium logos. If you sell pig supplies, use pig logos. If you cater for eagles, bears, and owls, use icons that show you take care of exotic pets. In case you provide grooming services for dogs and cats, ensure your logo communicates this!

Creating pet care or pet grooming logos tailored for the specialty products and services you offer will help clients identify what you do from a distance, and this will ultimately boost your sales!

Create a Logo That Shows the Type of Pet Owners You Serve

For a fact, your pet store doesn’t serve all pet owners. See – people own different types of pets; hence your logo should communicate the actual people you are targeting.

For instance, if you are targeting people who own exotic pets then logo images of cheetahs, foxes, reptiles, gorillas, and other animals, will ensure your tagline or another element of your logo communicates this.

By identifying your target market and communicating with them through your branding, you will doubtlessly stand out from other pet businesses.

Make Your Logo Fun and Exciting

You don’t have to create a sophisticated animal logo to make your business stand out.

If you own a friendly neighborhood baby animal shelter, consider creating cute deer logo designs that are fun and exciting. Do research and look for tag lines and icons that will create some sense of humor while still passing a message to your target audience.

Consider how your logo will look in different media

When you create your logo, it will appear on different media, including social media, adverts, outdoor signage, website, company letterhead, receipts, invoices, and business cards. Therefore, when designing it, think about how it will look out there.

Get smart logo ideas from established pet companies and work with a professional designer to make sure you come up with an attractive end-result.

Below are some of the best animals and pet logo ideas and resources you should check out!

Simplistic Pet and Animal Logo Design: What You Need To Know

One reason why your race horse logo or dog rescue logo design you spent a lot of time creating is not fronting your brand ahead of your competition is because you forgot to include a critical aspect in it – simplicity!

Your logo is the face of your brand. When you use logo-accompanied experiences to build brand awareness, your target market will start making beneficial associations between your logo and your brand. In case you design a complicated logo, consumers will find it nearly impossible to make such associations.

If you are presented with two sentences, one full of obscure words, fluff, and wordiness, and the other with a direct statement, which one would you remember? Of course, you will remember the second one! Same is the case of these fox logos.

A simple logo is not only easier to understand, but it is also easier to remember. Therefore, when a customer sees a complicated logo for the first time, he will most certainly not remember it or even associate it with any brand when he sees it the next time.

A logo made with simple and straightforward elements will trigger critical memory centers in the brain. This will make it easier for your clients to associate your logo with positive experiences, hence promoting sales, brand credibility, and reputation.

Benefits of Simplistic Pet Logo Design

A Simple Logo Prompts Emotional Reactions

A good pet or animal logo design is one that exudes all the emotions that a brand elicits once it’s viewed. With a simple logo, you will easily evoke the right emotions and make your efforts easy and efficient. In case you opt to go the complicated way, emotions used in your logo design will be overpowered by cognition, and this will complicate this uniquely marketing effort. Consider animal rescue logos or logos for dog rehabilitation centers.

A Simple Logo is Convertible Across all Platforms

When you look at all famous logos with animals, you will notice that they are simplistic in nature, and this is why it’s easier to publish them in print, stamps, embroidery, promotional gifts, stamps, web, and other media. For example these animal welfare logos.

Therefore, whether you are creating dog training logos, cat shelter logo, or any other pet logos that represent your business, make them simple, and they will be easier to convert across different platforms.

It’s Nearly Impossible to Counterfeit

In case your pet logo is complicated, it can be easy for your competitors to tweak a few details and use it without infringing on any intellectual property laws.

When creating your logo, avoid making decisions that prompt your target customers to favor your competitors. Design a logo with a few well thought out colors and details. This will make it difficult for anyone to steal your brand's status, thus making you stand out from the crowd.

It is Scalable

When using your logo on different platforms, you might need to expand or shrink it so that it can look appealing and complement your content. When you do this to a logo with many pet graphics and loads of information, some details will be lost, and others will be pixelated. This might cause visibility problems and compromise your efforts.

A simplistic logo can be shrunken and enlarged with ease without causing any visibility problems.

It is Recognizable

A complicated logo requires an in-depth examination for one to understand and recognize it. However, a simple one can be recognized from the corner of your client's eye. This takes your brand straight to his mind and enhances retention.

It is Explicable

Did you know that a simple animal and pet logo could encourage referrals? You probably didn’t! Since this kind of logo is easy to remember, a client who came to your store looking for a rooster or eagle food supplies will be able to describe your business with others interested in similar services if you have a rooster logol or eagle logo on your store door. For instance, he will tell others, “It is the supplies store on the right with the cartoonish rooster signage.”

It offers Clarity of Message

A complicated logo sends a convoluted message to customers. This makes it hard for them to associate the brand with the logo, and this sabotages branding efforts that consume time, energy, and resources. On the other hand, a simple logo sends a clear and concise message, which ensures the logo supports your brand and represents the products or services you provide. A simplistic logo is, therefore, rewarding to your branding efforts!

Creating a simplistic animal and pet logo is not easy!

You deal with chicken, puppies, cows, and a host of other animals. All these animals must be represented in your logo, and still, you have to develop a simplistic design!

Creating a simple logo is like condensing 4000 words eBook into a 300-words blog post. It requires more time, work, and resources than a complicated one, but the lasting impressions that come with it are worth the trouble.Here are some highly attractive pet/animal logos created with simplicity in mind:

Contrary to popular belief, a simplistic logo design doesn't equate to a simplistic brand message or business model. It shows you are keen on your clients' needs and logo purpose. This makes your pet business more distinctive and eventually leads to success!

Can Animal Logos Be Used In Other Businesses?

Well, factually, you don't need to own a pet store to have an animal logo. Animals hold an integral place in human experiences and can be used to represent an array of things. For example hunting club logos, fishing club logos, or forest service logos can also use animal images in their branding.

We live in a world where customer attention is precious; thus, getting your brand across is critical. Adding an animal to your logo is a great way to do this. Different animals have different associations. Therefore, clients will easily recognize your business based on the animal you use in your logo. Elephant logo designs can easily be used for Indian restaurant logos whereas BBQ grill logos often feature chicken or cow bull logo.

Capturing your brand through the symbolism of an animal is an art that can lead to business success. If this is hard to believe, below are some famous logos with animals you can borrow a leaf from;

Drunk Elephant

Drunk elephant is a known name in the production of skincare products. This company explains that the name ‘Drunk Elephant’ comes from the myth that elephants eat rotten fruits. The company's logo works wonders because it is unusual, and creates a sense of body-positivity, individuality, and fun! These are qualities you would want to sell if you own a skincare brand, and this company conveys this through a simple animal logo!


Jaguar is a car manufacturer that was founded in 1935. Its logo is a perfect representation of how animals can be used to tell the world about a brand's values. This logo communicates power, speed, and grace in an effective and economical way, and this is what clients are looking for!


Puma is an international sportswear brand that is known across the globe. This company's logo conveys enthusiasm and energy to show their prospects that their products will provide such qualities.


WWF is the largest international environmental organization on the planet. In its logo, it uses a panda, which is one of the most endangered animals on the planet. This communicates to the people that the natural world is dwindling fast, and it's everyone's responsibility to protect it.

Black Panther

Black Panthers is a renowned civil rights movement that was created to fight white oppression. The use of a black panther sends a message that the black person is also powerful; hence all humans should be equal.

Penguin Books

Penguin Books is a company that has delivered quality books with affordable price tags for decades. They use a penguin in their logo. The Penguin is one of the friendliest and most cheerful birds, and this could explain why Penguin Books has enjoyed massive love from all generations of readers for years.


Peugeot is a respected car manufacturer. It has a company logo with lion, which simply shows power, strength, and dominance. These are the things that people look in a car, right?

How to Achieve Success with Animal Logos

The brands outlined above use animal symbolism in their logos, and this has driven massive success to them over the years. If you want to join their bandwagon, you need to select an animal that shares the same qualities with your brand. If you choose an animal that is not related to your business or what you stand for, you might end up confusing your customers.

For instance, would a swan effectively represent your tech business? Would you want your real estate company to be remembered through a delicate butterfly logo or a huge angry gorilla logo design? The answer is straightforward – it’s a big NO!

Look at these famous animal logos and get enthused!

Before you use an animal in your business logo, ask yourself what will run in your prospect's minds once they see it. Look at the characteristics that your industry values, and look for an animal whose symbolic history represents those values. When you create overlapping traits between your business and the animal you want to symbolize, you will achieve branding and marketing success in no time!

Written by Zaheer Dodhia, Branding Expert and CEO