Unique Coffee Shop Logos

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Elegant Coffee Shop Logo Design Templates

Double up your brand image with stunning coffee shop logos by LogoDesign.net. Our collection of free coffee shop logo designs are crafted with love and care by professional graphic designers who have years of experience in designing coffee logos for suppliers, farmers, roasters, retailers, and creating café logos. You are guaranteed to get the best coffee shop logos online when you use our amazingly easy and fast logo creator for free! You can literally design your own coffee shop logo in minutes, and no need for design skills - just select a logo template, tweak for colors, fonts and text, and download instantly. And if you are looking for tea shop logos or bistro logos we have those too! Brew up a storm and get your coffee shop logo now!

Creating a Free Coffee Shop Logo


Pick a Logo

You need a good quality bean to brew the perfect cup of coffee, just like that to design a perfect coffee shop logo, you need a stunning logo template. Type in your cafe name and our free logo creator will give you a plethora of logos related to your cafe business.



Time to personalize your coffee bar logo to perfection. After selecting the template, work in the logo studio to add colors, fonts, and symbols that blend in with your cafe style. Play with symbols and graphics to create a unique brand image for your coffee business.


Get Files

After you have created a unique logo design for your cafe brand, you can download your coffee shop logo from our free AI logo generator. You have the option to download your files in PDF, JPEG, and PNG to easily share it with your colleagues or friends.


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Unique Coffee Shop Logo Elements

Logo Symbol


The best coffee shop symbols are the ones that make your customers feel at home and create a sense of comfort and relaxation. For your coffee bar aesthetics use icons like coffee beans, coffee mugs, steams coming out of coffee cups, coffee bar symbols, and sweet-smelling baked goods. Look for symbols that give a welcoming feel to your cafe, so that coffee lovers keep coming to your shop to start their productive day or at the end of a tiring day to chill out with friends or family.

Color Palette


Does your cafe serve coffee with delicious sweet treats or has a small section of books to cater to enthusiastic readers? Use color palettes to reflect that. For your coffee shop logo, use muted colors like shades of brown, beige, blue, teal, or coral. You can also choose pastel color pairings to create a relaxing ambiance. Just make sure not to use shades that are too dull. Go with color that creates a relaxing and warm atmosphere, regardless of the business size or type.

Font Choice


Choose cafe that let your customers get a taste of your brew before they even walk into your coffee shop. A few creative fonts you can use for your coffee shop logo design including Seattle, Quesha, Caffeine font, etc. Depending on your traditional cafe or a modern minimal coffee place, remember to check a font for readability. If customers can read your cafe name they will share it with their friends–and that’s a free promotion for you!

Design Layout


You want your coffee shop logo to look good on your shop’s website, social media, signboards, menu cards, or printed on coffee cups if you feel extra creative. To do so, create a minimal layout to give your logo design a modern appeal. A few popular logo layouts include, text inside the symbol, mascots, emblems, or wordmarks. However, you can always come up with your own blend of logo design for your cafe.

Design Layout

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