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Make it count with a soccer logo for your brand! Create a perfect soccer logo using a fast and free logo maker, specifically designed for after school athletic programs, sports memorabilia stores, team uniform shops, medal and trophy outlets, as well as soccer game apps, athletic supply companies and sports team logo designs ! Choose among hundreds of available free soccer designs, such as a soccer ball in a hexagon logo template, or an image of a growling tiger with a soccer ball superimposed over a shield icon! Get started today with your soccer logo design today! Our free logo maker is free to use.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Soccer

How do you make a logo for a soccer team?

To make a logo for a soccer team, there are a few ways you can go about it:


Use a design software (Illustrator, Photoshop etc.)


Use a stock image website


Use a DIY logo creator tool

For the first two options, you will need to have some design skills so you can manipulate the image. For the DIY logo creator option, offers you ease and convenience of designing a fantastic soccer team logo with no prior design skills necessary.

You just choose your favorite soccer logo template from our collection, whether it is a ball icon within a shield logo or a player kicking a soccer ball, customize it with the help of a few clicks, and you’re done. Then, you can just download the design and use it as per your needs.

Are animals popular mascots for a soccer team logo?

Animals are a hugely popular mascot choice for soccer team logos. Gorillas, tigers, lion mascot logos, and other wild animals that represent raw power are often chosen as mascots for soccer teams and are part of their logos too.

In addition to animals, there are other symbols too that work great as soccer team logo mascots. These include phantoms, crowned king logo, ferocious skull icon, and even sharks. The purpose of a mascot logo is to give visual representation to the team spirit.

Therefore, you’ll see a lot of symbolism in soccer team logo images that people identify with power, resilience, victory, and strength.

How can I customize my soccer logo template using a logo creator?

When you are using’s logo creation tool, customization comes as the next step after choosing the soccer logo template you want to work on.

Once you’ve chosen your template, the customization panel offers you a wide range of top-quality editing options that let you customize your template into a full-fledged soccer logo. Whether you are looking for a sports team logo such as American football leaque logo or cheerleading team logo designs, you’ll find plenty to customise and make a logo according to your preference. These editing options include spacing, alignment changes, grid and background color, and design effects such as shadow, opacity, shine, and gloss. Among these, you’ll also find basic editing options such as font and color changes and resize options.

Using all these options in varying combinations, you can create a really great soccer logo design in no time.

Is a ball important for designing a soccer logo design?

Immediate identification is one of the most basic rules of logo design. If you are using an icon or symbol in your soccer logo design that has a natural or ready relevance to soccer and related sports, you are ensuring that people will be able to identify it easily.

For this reason, a lot of logo designers, including us, use soccer balls, players and relevant symbols to design soccer logo images. Some other symbols that offer such ready recognition are an athlete icon with a kick pose, soccer mascot logos, soccer ball with spreading wings image, soccer ball with a crown in shield and similar others.

What colors are preferred for a professional soccer logo?

For professional soccer logos, we usually see leagues, designers, and fans favoring some colors over others. Red, black and blue are often used as symbols of masculinity and strength. You could also consider greens, oranges, and reds to show passion and vitality. And if you don’t favor any of these, go through our color psychology guide for logo designing.

The color palette for soccer logo designs is somewhat dominated by darker shades as they portray power and presence. When emotions are running high in the field and fans are screaming for their team to win, bright and bold colors excite the viewers even more and stimulate the players.

Therefore, consider going a shade darker or two for your main logo colors and accent them with lighter shades, if you want.