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You have found the perfect HVAC logo, now time to make the HVAC logo more like your brand personality. Just add the colors, layout, and fonts that represent your brand. Use the HVAC logo creator to play with symbols and graphics to make a logo to wow your audience.


After including all the design elements in your logo that describe your HVAC business with effective imagery and symbolism, download your HVAC logo from our free logo maker. You can easily download your logo template in PDF, JPEG, and PNG files for easy access and sharing.

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Logo Symbol

Visuals convey more meaning than words. Look for the symbols that showcase your expertise and services in the HVAC industry. For heating services, the logo symbols might be flames or heat waves, for ventilation use fans, and for air conditioning companies snowflakes or thermostats could be a good choice of symbols. Look for the symbols that are popular in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry and see how these symbols enhance the meaning of your HVAC business.

Color Palette

Make your HVAC logo memorable and help your customers connect with you on a deeper level. For your heating company, use warm colors like red, or orange, for A/C businesses use iconic blues. Don’t be afraid to explore and play with warm and cold color pairings. Your brand should never blend in! It doesn’t matter what HVAC services your company covers. Choose a color palette that reflects the sense of trust, reliability, and comfort that your business promises to give.

Font Choice

Fonts give your brand a unique personality and can create a certain feeling in your audience. With HVAC businesses, you want to create emotions like reliability, professionalism, and comfort. Font type Sans-serif is used extensively across the HVAC industry with fonts like Arial, Helvetica, or Serpentine to make your HVAC company logo stick out to your audience. These font types are also legible–making it easier to read your company name on your service vans or other branding materials.

Design Layout

If you want your HVAC logo to look good on the company’s website, social media, and service vehicles, design a clean layout. A clutter-free layout makes your HVAC logo memorable and easy to reproduce. A few popular HVAC logo layouts include symbols to the left of the text, symbols on top of the text, text inside the symbol, or simple stacked text. Add a catchy slogan for your HVAC service so your customers know who to call when they feel uneasy during chilly weather.

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