Distinctive Perfume Logos

Get your customers inspired by selecting an elegant perfume logo for your business! Our catchy perfume logos are made to impress consumers in businesses specializing in women’s perfume brands, custom fragrance creation, fragrance oils, wholesale body oils, pheromone perfume sales, and aromatherapy. Whether you use our free logo maker to design a logo of an elegant perfume bottle with ornamental elements, or a woman logo holding a perfume bottle with circles, you are sure to impress even your most critical customers!

Frequently Asked Questions About Perfume Logos

What are the best perfume logo images for a perfumery?

A perfume bottle is the most popular perfume logo image for a fragrance business. The bottle icon combined with other symbols such as a lotus flower, or delicate spray bubbles, or fancy ornaments around it can also be used to brand a perfume business.

You can choose a perfume bottle logo design in line art, abstract art, or in 3D for a distinct look. However, if a perfume bottle isn’t your choice, we recommend mandala designs, a female silhouette, a delicate hand logo, or even a beautiful wordmark to design your perfume logo.

For the complete variety of latest designs, head over to our logo maker software now.

Which colors should I choose for my perfume vector logo?

It depends on your personal choice as well as the brand message you want to send. For example, if you want to send a message of luxury and finesse, black and gold should be your colors for the perfume vector logo.

Similarly, for a sensual or feminine look, we recommend lavender, pink, purple, and yellow. Color psychology teaches us that different colors stand for different meanings. Therefore, your color choice must be in line with your overall business theme, brand image, and the perception you want to create through your perfume logo design.

If the color you have chosen is not gelling well with the rest of your design, use our customization panel to try different colors till you hit the spot.

Can I add my perfume label on your logo template?

Sure, you can. Using the customization panel, you can add not only your perfume label but your tagline or slogan on your company logo design.

To do that, click on the logo image you’ve chosen to use. There you’ll find an empty text field where you can add your perfumery business title. If you’re not happy with the font style or the color, you can change both by clicking on ‘Edit & Download’. The action will take you to our customization tool where you can make all kinds of design changes to your perfume company logo to suit your business needs.

Once you’re done, click on Free Download to proceed.

What is the best font for a perfume brand logo?

There is no single font that you can declare best for any kind of design, including a perfume brand logo. What you can do is find fonts that complement your logo or have a similar style and personality that matches well with the rest of the design.

For perfume company logos with a minimal sense of style, Comfortaa is a good font choice. It is simple, with soft edges, and has a minimal aesthetic. If you’re going for a delicate look, Regencie may be more suitable. Similarly, Marcellus for a modern brand and Trajan for a luxurious feel may be good choices.

Do you have perfume icons in PNG format?

Yes, we have perfume icons in PNG, JPG, PDF, and other formats too. Having your logo file in several formats allows you to use it for a wide range of branding purposes including social media profile pages, printing on business materials, and scaling the size to suit your needs.

As you search for your perfect perfume logo sample, remain assured that no matter which template you choose, you’ll be able to get it in the format of your choice when you’re downloading the file. Depending on your price plan, you can get your perfume company logo design in PNG, JPG, in PDF vector formats and get them printed on your business cards, letterheads, and even t-shirts.