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Amazing Range of Cosmetic Logos for Your Inspiration

Choose a cosmetic logo to match the vibe of your business! Ideal for makeup artist logo designers, wedding planner logo designs as well as nail spa logo creators, skin care clinics and natural cosmetic stores, our free cosmetic logos are guaranteed to grab your customers’ attention! Whether you are looking for an image of a girl’s profile intertwined with floral ornaments, a lipstick logo with an ornamental design, or an eyeshadow color palette, we’ve got some of the most unique cosmetic logos to choose from! Just use our free logo creator to pick a design to match your brand and download in minutes!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmetic Logos

Do you have cosmetic brands logos for retailers?

We have a large variety of professionally-designed cosmetic brands logos for retailers and start ups. Our collection of logo designs is ideal for makeup artists, wedding planners, cosmetic shops, and all kinds of beauty businesses.

You’ll find hundreds of cosmetic logo designs consisting of crown of flower logos, lipstick icons, eyeshadow color palette, hair style images, or women silhouette logo images in variety of poses, among many others.The reason we host such varied images is to make sure that our designs are able to fulfill variety of design needs and satisfy many clients

For a full variety of our cosmetic logos, please click here to enter our design gallery.

How can I build my brand with a makeup logo?

Visibility is key when it comes to building a brand. Once you’ve got your makeup logo design sorted, make sure that you are showcasing it everywhere. For example, your website, your official documents such as letterheads, business cards, your social media accounts, and your store front, etc.

Additionally, ensure that the color palette and the tone of the makeup logo design you’ve chosen is on the rest of your branding. For example, your staff’s uniform should be in the same colors or color as your logo. If your logo is playful and fun, your tone of conversation on your social media should be similar.

Remember, a logo is just one part of branding. For effective brand building, the rest of elements must also come together.

What elements make a cosmetic logo pop?

Uniqueness, intelligent use of colors and shapes, and creating a company logo design that is instantly understable are some of the keys to a stellar cosmetic logo.

The first step will be to select an image that speaks directly to your brand. For example, if your cosmetic store sell products to beauty salons, use makeup items or a silhouette of a beautiful woman as your cosmetic brand icon. Similarly, choose colors that emphasize your brand image such as bright purple for a modern, edgier brand and pastel shades if you want to send a message of serenity and calmness.

The last element that you should nail is a fantastic font style that ties the whole thing together. Honey Script and Regencie are some nice choices.

Where can I find good cosmetics fonts for my logo?

If you are using a DIY logo maker like, you can enjoy an extensive variety of popular as well as original cosmetic fonts for a logo design.

Your choice of fonts should be in line with what kind of overall design you are going for and the specific nature of your cosmetic business. For example, if you are a spa and want a day spa logo with a soothing and calming design, we recommend using Kaushan Script font. And if you are a makeup salon, an attention-grabbing design will suit with a font such as Staatliches.

Free font resources like Google Fonts can also be a great place to look for good type options for your cosmetic or fashion logo.

How do I download cosmetic logo PNGs from your gallery?

The process is incredibly simple. All you have to do is pick a cosmetic logo image from the gallery, customize it to suit your design needs, and proceed to free download. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Once you click on the download, you are given a series of options to choose from. If you are looking for a free cosmetic logo design, the file format will be in low resolution PNG. For high resolution PNG and other formats, we suggest going for a paid option which not only gets you a cosmetic logo PNG file but you can get the file in other formats, too, such as JPG, and PDF.

To see the complete list of options available, how our logo maker works, and what is available check out our FAQs page.