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People will definitely make a judgment about your business when looking at your logo. That’s why you need a professional symbol for your publishing house. We have it sorted, just enter your business name and let generate professionally designed publishing logos for your brand.


Make it Like Your Brand

So you have found a logo for your publishing house, now to make an impact with your venture you need to add your creative touches to the brand image. Our user-friendly publishing logo software gives you an assortment of solid tools and colors to edit your design. Shadow or gloss can also enhance your design.


Download Your Brand Symbol

After designing a brand symbol for your publishing house you can download your files. If you want to access your printing or publisher logo, you need to create an account or log in to our software, then simply select the formats from PDF, JPEG, and PNG. Once you have it, start promoting your publisher brand or get help from us.


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Impactful Publishing Logo Elements

Logo Symbol

Use Creative Symbols

Just like every good book tells a great story, you need to add creative symbols to your logo to tell your brand story. You don’t have to limit yourself to only book icons. There are endless options of templates you can use in your publishing house logo. If you want to create mystery, you can try a more abstract approach to your design and pick symbols of plants, or animals to subtly tell your brand story. E.g. Penguin Random House is a publishing company that uses imagery of a penguin as their brand symbol.

Color Palette

Choose Vibrant Colors

You have full creative freedom to use any color palette for the publishing logo design. But some shades are more popular than others. If you publish kids' or pre-teens' books, then a bright color palette with pink, yellow, orange, cobalt blue or purple will be perfect for you. Too bold? Maybe you prefer muted colors like beige, soft gray, and olive green to create a well-reputed publishing house logo. Or if you publish historical manuscripts then a combination of black and gold will deliver that message.

Font Choice

Fonts Selection

Fonts are an important element of branding for any literary venture. So you should give a lot of thought to which fonts will work for your brand symbol. Serif fonts are a popular choice for printing companies. Typefaces like Garamond, Times New Roman, Century, and Palantino can help you create a professional publisher logo. Or you can use playful fonts for your children’s book printing companies like Guest Book font, or Jakote Display Kids. Aside from looking good, your font should also be readable so that people can decipher your name.

Design Layout

Promote Your Brand

Do you need a logo for your business card? Or are you planning to put it on a big signboard outside your publishing firm? Then you must focus on creating a modern design as it will let you promote your business on all digital and print platforms easily. But if you are not sure which logo style is best for your publication house, then go with a wordmark as these are always in trend and easy for printing on all types of materials and media, especially for digital marketing and offline promotional campaigns.

Design Layout

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