How to Use Calligraphy to Design a Logo

How to Use Calligraphy to Design an Outstanding Logo

You will not find any leading brand without a logo in this world. It is because a logo is fundamental in any business. It influences your customers and the way they perceive your company.

Hand-lettering is a fantastic technique that allows you to create a unique and engaging hand lettered logo for your brand. There is nothing more natural than using calligraphy to create a logo. From old times, logos have been a monogram that included two main letters of first and last names.

Every culture has its own calligraphy technique; for example, Arabic calligraphy can be created with a pen or pencil. At the same time, Chinese calligraphy is created with a thin brush. You should know what calligraphy to use when designing your custom logo. In this article, we have collected some steps that will guide you through the process of creating a calligraphy logo.

A logo is the most significant part of your brand’s image

As mentioned earlier, a logo represents an essential part of your brand. Once you appreciate that, you would undertake whatever it requires to create one that is eye-catching- it is your logo that will determine the number of potential customers you attract. It is the face of your business/brand thus has a significant impact on your brand's public perception.

Step 1. Try defining the identity of your brand

A logo not only shows the values, beliefs, and quality standards of a business, but it should also correspond to the brand’s personality. For it, you should initially define what your brand is all about, what makes it special and stand out of the competition.

Make a list of 4-5 adjectives that describe your brand. They will set the tone for subsequent design and calligraphy.

Step 2. Find calligraphic typography and how to use it correctly

You should know typography is one of the most effective tools for creating logo design . The type style is something that defines how people perceive your calligraphy logo.

Contrasting typestyles create diverse effects and emotional reactions, the key reason why you should appreciate their meanings in order to adopt the most outstanding one for yourself. For instance, calligraphy fonts could be playful, elegant, handwritten, or bold.

Step 3. Search for inspiration

Foremost, put together all the ideas: both competent and undesirable ones. This technique is considered as brainstorming. It is enormously productive as what we often consider inferior can become in reality a knock-out (stunning success).

Secondly, put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers. You can search for inspiration on Pinterest and find out what calligraphy logos exist.

Think about what will be interesting and important for them, what can push them aside and vice versa catch their attention. And finally, let all employees of your company express their opinion. Who knows, maybe you will collect something worth the attention: the more minds, the more opportunities.

Step 4. Choose your own design style and type of calligraphy logo

While designing a calligraphic logo, you should pay attention to the main characteristics of your brand and product. There are numerous calligraphy styles and only you can choose which one is the best for your company.

However, we would like to highlight some of the most standard designs to choose from including;


Handmade and handcrafted

Modern and minimalist

Retro or vintage

Fun and quirky

Arabic Calligraphy Logo

Discover calligraphy fonts to design your logo

When it comes to branding, everything is vital, even the calligraphy font you use to design your logo. Sometimes, handmade or custom crafted calligraphy logo design commission can be expensive. That’s where calligraphy fonts come in. They make our life easy. We have compiled these 12 amazing types of calligraphy logo fonts for you, to determine which one would be most valuable for your brand.

Freeland features realistic and hand-lettered look;

Dragonflight has a spontaneous personality;

Allura is multipurpose: it can be used on posters, business projects , etc;

Hala font is an Arabic type that works amazing with 3D effect;

Noelan Script has a human feel and international characters;

Organika with its charming imperfections of real handwriting;

Qianjian font is brush stroke font that mimic Chinese hand lettered calligraphy.

Risthi Script has vintage-inspired elegance;

Palomino has an impressive design;

Biloxi equipped with Western and Eastern European characters;

Olivia features a sophisticated and graceful manner;

Experiment with calligraphy logo with color to find the most suitable

Some people may wonder, but the color does perform a primary role in your calligraphy logo. There is indeed a logo color psychology which can tell you a lot about color theory.

In a nutshell, every color has its own meaning, evokes certain emotions, and brings a specific idea. We are not going to describe to you about all of them, however, we want to demonstrate to you some examples to convey a clearer view.

1) Red color: if you prefer red color, your brand will be associated with loudness, excitement, youth and will stand out among others.

2) Orange: If you choose an orange color, your brand will look energetic, accessible, friendly, cheerful, and affordable.

3) Green: This color shows that your company retains a connection with nature.

4) Blue: if you select this color, your brand will look rather classic, calm, trustworthy, and mature.

5) Black: This will give your brand a sleek, modern, and luxurious look.

There are some other popular colors like brown, pink, purple, white, and gray that you can equally use for designing your logo, but remember interpreting the meaning of these colors is key to enable you to select the most suitable one for your brand.

Evaluate your calligraphy logo with the help of feedback of others

It is a clever idea to get feedback from other people regarding your logo. You may invite your relatives, colleagues, other designers whom you trust.

They can point out faults on the design. Try to be open-minded and perceive the criticism positively as it will be of substantial assistance.

Remember about the main mistakes of creating a logo with calligraphy

Now we understand that an outstanding calligraphic logo should be unique, distinctive, memorable, connected with your brand identity, timeless, and should have the right calligraphy. But what makes a logo ineffective?

You should think about it in order to not make such mistakes. So here are some typical mistakes which don’t let your brand become outstanding even with the appropriate calligraphy:

1. Too complicated logo. Of course, your logo should convey some emotions and tell your audience about key concepts of your brand. Make it simple and memorable, but the most important - keep it readable. Too quirky and creative font can make it difficult to read.

2. Avoid cliches and generic logos. Your logo should be absolutely unbounded with the area of your company or what you are doing. Try making it unique and interesting by choosing proper fonts. You can combine sans-serif and hand-written fonts for impressive results.

3. Don't be overly rigid with money when designing a logo. If you want to create something really worthy and eye-catching, work with experts. If you have to, purchase a payable version of calligraphy font. It is better to pay more once than consume more money on designing a new logo. Don't save your money on creating a logo. If you want to create something really worthy and eye-catching, don’t go with amateurs. If you need it, buy a premium version of calligraphy font. It is better to pay more once than spend more money on creating a new logo.

Completely integrate the logo into your brand

Once you have the calligraphy logo, you should completely integrate into your branding materials. That means, employ it everywhere: on business cards, packaging design, web design, on social media networks, and even print it on your team’s t-shirts.


Taking everything into account, there are different elements that you should consider while designing an outstanding logo. And calligraphy stands at the top of them. Spend enough time researching the right calligraphy font, and you will never regret it!