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Showcase your company with an exemplary farm logo made by our logo creator free online! Our farm logos are extremely popular among organic vegetable farmer logo maker, animal farmhouse logo creator as well as for grocery stores, horse boarding, and horse breeding business logo designers. Our free logo maker has designs ranging from a chicken on a farm with mountains on a background, a circle with a horse silhouette, to a barn with a sunrise backdrop! Be sure to check out hundreds of our farm logos to find the one that best fits your business! Try it today, free!

Frequently Asked Questions Farm

What kinds of organic farming logo designs are more popular?

Organic farm logos share a lot of design similarities with non-organic logos. Both include agricultural icons, may also feature livestock, and may have color green featured too

For this reason, our designers suggest you put the word ‘organic’ prominently in your business name or tagline so there’s no room for confusion. Other than that, you can use any kind of farm logo design for your organic farm branding without any worries.

Fresh fruit icons, wheat crop symbols, trees around a river bed, all make very charming and beautiful farm logo designs.

Can I use a vintage farm logo for my new farming business?

Of course you can. A vintage farm logo adds a nostalgic feel to the overall design and may make your logo look more authentic and original similar to the nature of your farming business

To design a vintage logo for your farm, a shield or an emblem design would look more appropriate. Insert a barn icon or a green farm field graphic in your emblem, or perhaps even an animal like a cow logo. All these are popular fixtures of vintage logo designs for agricultural farm logos.

To find out what other kinds of vintage designs are available to create your farming business logo, head over to our logo gallery and browse for free.

What are the essential elements of a modern farm logo?

There are three main features of a modern farm logo: symbols or icons, fonts, and colors. When you are creating a modern logo design, think of cleaner lines, simple icons and fonts, and fewer colors.

When you are looking for simple logo designs, look for layouts where only a single icon has been featured. For example, a poultry farm logo containing an egg silhouette surrounded by a hen in negative space. For colors, pastel shades look more appealing on modern farm logos.

Similarly, look for font styles - even if cursive - that look clean and make the brand name easily readab

Where can I look for the best poultry farm logo ideas?

For poultry farm logo ideas, look for design websites such as Behance, Dribbble, Logopond, and others. These websites contain hundreds and thousands of custom logo designs that can be your best source of inspiration.

Logo design portfolio sites, stock photo websites as well as DIY logo generator sites such as ours can also be of help. To refine your idea more, do take advantage of free customization options on our logo studio and see what more you can do with these designs.

All of our poultry logos are designed by expert design professionals and are great to be featured as your logo.

Where should I use a goat farm logo?

A design as specific as a goat farm logo would only look appropriate on a livestock farm where mostly goats are raised. Since most livestock farms have more variety of animals, try to be more open on your goat farm logo design ideas.

Some popular goat and sheep farm logo ideas could include silhouettes of different animals together. Or a design containing a barn building structure and a chicken symbol featured on a shield of wheat crop.

When you have decided which animal you want to feature on your goat farming logo, feel free to promote that logo anywhere you can think of: your website, official documents, business cards, packaging, gate sign, and even a billboard if you want.