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Creating a restaurant logo with our AI logo maker tool is like a breeze. Just type in your eatery’s name, and our tool will generate tons of restaurant logo templates for you. Browse through them to find an iconic design that will look great as your brand identity.



You have found your restaurant logo design. Get your ingredients right and add some spice to it. Take help from our AI-powered studio editor to play with colors, fonts, and symbols. Cook up a delicious restaurant logo in a few minutes.



After including all the imagery and graphics in your logo that give customers a taste of your restaurant, download your design from our free restaurant logo creator. You can easily get your design files in PDF, JPEG, and PNG formats and your restaurant logo is ready to be served.


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Elements of an Outstanding Restaurant Logo

Logo Symbol

Logo Symbols

So you want to create a piping hot restaurant logo for your brand and make people come for more? Instead of telling people how good your food is, use symbols to give them a taste of your culinary expertise. For your restaurant’s brand identity use symbols like a chef’s hat, knife and fork, stove, skillet, grill, rooster, hamburger, cloche, food truck, organic fruits, and vegetables. Or if you own a local eatery go with niche symbols like Mexican hats, Indian mandalas, Italian cheesy pizza, or Chinese chopsticks.

Color Palette

Color Choices

When choosing a color palette for your restaurant logo, go for shades that create the ambiance of your restaurant. You can also get an idea of what colors to choose by looking at the items on your menu. Hues like red reflect passion and hunger while orange and yellow show the fiery nature of your cuisine. Green and beige are often linked with vegan food. For your fine dining restaurant, use colors like black to add sophistication and elegance, or purple which is associated with luxury.

Font Choice


Let your restaurant logo send the message of warmth and home to diners. Let font pairings style your business name and slogan to communicate to patrons the feeling of being welcomed. There are plenty of options to play with–such as Serif fonts for traditional eateries, Sans-serif for modern minimal restaurants, or creative script fonts for luxurious dining places. Larosa, Baskerville, Delicia font, and Easy Salads font are some that are extensively used across the restaurant industry.

Design Layout

Logo Styles

If you want your restaurant logo to look good on the signboards, menu, takeout packaging, website design , or business cards, then fix your focus on designing a clean layout. Take inspiration from the popular styles across the restaurant industry–such as mascots, abstract logos, illustrative logos , wordmark, or initials, etc. Whether you choose a minimal or illustrative design, make sure your audience can focus on the important elements of your restaurant logo design like the brand name or symbol.

Design Layout

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