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Pick A Template

Creating an human resource logo is all about making a design that both appeals to people and looks professional. Don’t worry if you haven’t figured out your design. Type in your business name, answer a few questions about how you want your logo to look, and browse through tons of templates to make an HR logo for your firm.


Make it Your Own

Once you find a logo suitable for your HR company, you can make adjustments like changing the text or adding a background color, or download as it is. Also search for symbols related to your industry, or add icons or letters. With our free logo maker, you can literally create a top-tier employment agency brand symbol within minutes!


Access Logo Files

After making all the edits to your design, get your HR logo files in your desired formats. But first, you need to create an account or log in to our logo builder. Then you can choose the logo file, JPEG or PNG best fit for branding on websites and social media or a PDF version of your HR company logo for print.


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Successful Employment Agency Logos

Logo Symbol


As a talent acquisition executive, your job is to manage the most important asset of the company–employees. Create an employment firm logo that tells your expertise in talent recruiting, onboarding, and satisfaction of both the employers and the employees. Take a people-first approach for creating a logo for your employment firm with abstract people; puzzle, hands shaking, person with tie, magnifying glass, person holding a briefcase, etc. Another approach is to create your own wordmark or monogram of your name to make it more personalized.

Color Palette

Brand Colors

Blue is by far the most popular color used in human resource company logos. Since blue is often associated with intelligence and trust which makes it a good fit for human resource companies. You can also use solid colors in the background to make your talent acquisition company’s name stand out. If that doesn’t work for you, then go with yellow, red, or purple to grab the attention of your clients. Green is another good shade for human resources company logo designs as it symbolizes growth.

Font Choice


Your logo, whether for a talent acquisition firm or a people training agency, needs the trust factor with your customers to show how reliable your recruiting services are. Serif fonts like Garamond or Lora can help you create a traditional and elegant HR logo design. If that makes your logo design too formal, try Sans Serif fonts such as Inter Sans, Futura, Code Next, or Roboto to create a modern human resource logo. It’s a good idea to opt for clean typefaces to create a professional impression with your target audience.

Design Layout

Logo Shapes

Human resource agencies work hard to build a strong reputation on social media platforms, especially LinkedIn and Facebook. To build a brand there, you need an HR firm logo that is versatile and optimized specifically for the platform. Typographic logos like lettermark, or wordmark can get clients to focus on your brand name. Abstract symbols merged with text, and edgy designs are also popular styles you can use in your human resource agency logo. Put your efforts into creating a brand image that delivers across various media.

Design Layout

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